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Raised Dog Feeders - Elevated Dog Bowls - Dog Bowl Stands

elevated pet feeder

The Benefits of Raised Bowl Feeders

Pampered Dog Gifts raised food and water bowls provide a number of benefits for your dog. Larger dogs see more health returns than smaller ones; still, both gain health advantages

When a dog uses a raised dog bowl he or she has better posture. This can be very important with older dogs especially those with painful joints. Many vets have concluded that having the dog’s food bowl raised aids digestion; helping the food move faster to their stomachs. There is less stress on the dog’s forearm and wrist area. Because there is less leaning involved it relieves pressure on the dog’s hip and shoulder area.

If you have a larger dog, a German shepherd or bigger; consider getting one of the Pampered Dog Gifts models. Perhaps your dog is starting to show his age by exhibiting signs of aching joints. A raised dog feeder will provide painless eating and drinking.

Our inventory includes nearly 30 different styles of raised dog feeders; one of the most comprehensive selections on the internet to date. Since both dogs and dog feeders come in diverse sizes; pay special attention to the heights of our various feeders

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If you think your dog would benefit from a raised or elevated dog diner; look over our assortment. If there are any questions send us and email or call our toll free phone number and talk to one of our customer assistance reps. We are here and happy to help you make the best decision for your dog