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Pet Memorials

It doesn’t take very long for any dog to become part of the family. With better care and advanced veterinary medicine man’s best friend is living longer and longer. Unfortunately, most dogs will die before their owners and grieving is a necessary step in healing. Help your dog loving friends and family mourn the loss of their beloved pet with tasteful memorial gifts from We have a variety of memorial markers; some are the shape of a dog bone and others are in the shape of a paw print. There is even a fire hydrant memorial marker to make everyone smile at a difficult time.

Our collections of memory urns for your pet’s ashes are tastefully decorated urns constructed from solid mahogany or natural hard wood ash depending on your choice. Our urns all have a circular frame for your pet’s picture giving it a special touch.

The memorial inventory even includes a beautiful casket available in 3 different sizes. Constructed with waterproof varnish, dovetail joints and handles for easy transportation this casket shows the world how much you loved your dog.

Most of the staff at has had to deal with the death of a pet. Please talk to one of our customer service representatives and discover all your options when it comes to burying and remembering your dog.