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Christmas Dog Gift Baskets - Holiday Pet Gift Basket

Because of the increased demand for our products during the holiday season; try to plan ahead. Many of the treats in our baskets are made in our bakeries and require time to be baked and shipped.

All dogs big and small should be able to enjoy the wonder of the winter holidays. Order early and your biggest problem will be keeping the Christmas gift basket a secret.


As Santa makes his list of naughty and nice children, your dog is a shoe-in for the nice column. Allowing your pet to benefit from the Christmas season can be just as rewarding for you as for them.

Take some time and consider all the different Christmas Gift Baskets Pampered Dog Gifts has to offer. We offer so many different styles of Christmas Baskets it will be difficult to keep your selection to just one or two.

One of our most popular Christmas Baskets is the Holiday Doggy Bag. Along with the festive wrapping come oodles of treats just waiting for Christmas morning.

A more elaborate Christmas gift basket it is the Ultimutt Dog Christmas Basket. This basket is loaded with treats for every dog’s palate. The Ultimutt allows for an abundance of flavor choices for each item included in the basket. With all these options you might want a little more explanation of what each treat is. If this is the case we will be happy to help.

Pampered Dog Gift selection of Christmas Gift Baskets can really save your holiday gift giving dilemmas. We have all had a person on our gift list that has absolutely everything. If those folks who have everything happen to have a dog, choose a Holiday Dog Gift Basket that their pet would enjoy. Dogs are not difficult to buy for and this is something the recipient won’t want to return.

Our website has an extensive collection of choices for Holiday Dog Gift Baskets. We have included on our website a magnifying option so you can take a closer look at what each basket contains. Our medley of baskets includes Hanukkah gift baskets, Dog and Owner Gift Baskets and the colossal Holiday Friends Forever Dog and Owner Basket.