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Get Well Dog Gift Baskets

None of us like going into the hospital but, when our pets go, it’s like sending one of our own children. Bidding your dog goodbye, wringing your hands during the procedure and if all goes well taking them home and nursing them back to health. It can be stressful.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone sent both you and your dog a get well gift basket? It would be so welcomed and appreciated by both owner and his or her pet. Once again, Pampered Dog Gifts has the perfect solution.

Dog Gone Cute Valentine Doggy Gift Ba...

dog gone cute basket valentine

Product ID : BB-18-A114V

This doggie Valentine’s Day gift is heavy on the love… of BISCUITS! We...

  • $57.99

Get Well Soon Gift Tote of Dog Treats

feel better tote

Product ID : SHT-GetWellSoonTote

From Shortys Gourmet Treats

This gourmet cookie box is just...

  • $12.95

Gift Bag for Dogs

gift bag

Product ID : AP-GiftBag

This affordable little gift bag will let someone know you are thinking of...

  • $37.00

Get Well Doggie Gift Basket

get well basket

Product ID : AP-GetWell

We always feel so terrible when a lil one is ill!! We want to do something...

  • $79.95

Good Dog Treats Gift

good dog treats

Product ID : BB-15-A131

This delightful gift arrives complete with a bag of delicious bakery fresh...

  • $24.99

Just What the Vet Ordered Dog Gift

just what the vet ordered

Product ID : BB-14-A123

Have a special pooch that’s recovering from a surgery or just under the...

  • $74.99

Get Well Pooch Dog Gift

get well pooch

Product ID : BB-14-A124

Send get well wishes to your favorite canine with this get well themed...

  • $69.99

Deluxe Get Well Dog Treat Basket

gourmet get well treat basket

Product ID : SHT-DeluxeGetWell

From Shortys Gourmet Treats

This gift basket is a must-have for...

  • $34.95

Dog Gone Cute Doggy Gift Basket

dog gone cute basket

Product ID : BB-15-A114

This doggie gift really is Dog Gone Cute! A fun doggy gift that is very...

  • $57.99

Party Girl Dog Gift Basket

party girl basket

Product ID : BB-18-A126

It’s PARTY TIME for some lucky pooch! This adorable pink doggy gift is...

  • $78.99

Smooch a Pooch Dog Gift Basket

smooch a pooch basket

Product ID : BB-13-A105

You know that special pooch you love dearly, the one that greets you at...

  • $59.99

Ruffed Up Pup Gift Basket

ruffed up pup basket

Product ID : BB-14-A110

It’s never fun to be feeling blue and not quite up to par, so perk up...

  • $99.99

Our Get Well Gift Basket line of gifts has just the right size and price range for every budget. Our best seller is the Get Well Dog Gift Basket. One unique ‘gift’ in this basket is the Pill Pocket®. This treat is designed to hide the dog’s medication in a tasty snack; just push the pill(s) into the treat and give it to the dog. Medicine is done! Also included in this gift basket is a bone shaped pill minder. Seven days of medication can be stored in this minder. Face it; it is hard enough to remember to take our own pills let alone our pets.

There are so many different Get Well Gift Baskets that you might have trouble choosing just one. Many of the baskets have a drop down box that give you an option of what size of basket you would like to send. Choose your type of basket, select a price and size and you are done.

Pampered Dog Gifts is the answer to all your get well doggie gift giving occasions.