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Dog Sweaters - Designer Dog Sweater

Every pampered pup needs a sweater to keep him warm when it is cold outside. Browse our boutique for knit dog sweaters, crocheted dog sweaters, fleece sweaters and more. There are sweaters for small dogs to large dogs in a wide variety of styles.

If your spoiled pooch just has to be unique, we have special made designer dog sweaters that will make a great addition to his wardrobe.

We also just introduced a new line of sweaters that are made from the finest substance on earth. Each of these sweaters is constructed from natural material called Alpaca fibers.

The Alpaca is a distant relative of the llama with origins in high in the South American Andes mountains. These animals, too small to be pack animals are bred for their hair or fibers. Unlike wool; Alpaca contains no lanolin making it universally hypoallergenic. Many of the fibers from the Alpaca contain microscopic air pocket. These air pockets trap heat, resulting in nearly twice the warmth of standard wool.

The sweaters made from this natural material last years when cared for properly. A synthetic blend of sweater, purchased at a discount pet supply house, can nearly disintegrate after just a few washings. There is never buyer’s remorse with Alpaca sweaters.

Worthy Dog Red Rudy Hoodie
Black Ghost Dog Sweater
Pumpkin Pup Sweater