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Dog Birthday Gifts - Birthday Toys & Treats for Dogs

Mutt-er Butters - Organic Dog Treats
Inspired by our favorite, peanut butter treats, your dogs will love eating...
Peanut Butter Cannoli - All Natural Dog Treats
Your dogs will love these dog cannoli and you will love them for their...
Double Carob Cannoli Organic Dog Treats
These treats are made with mouthwatering carob cookies as well as well as...
BFF Dog Treats Carob Apple Cinnamon
These treats come in 5 oz. containers which is approximately 6 larger BFF treats
Organic Dog Treats - MVP Set - Vegetarian Molasses
These treats come in a vacuum sealed 5 oz. containers which is approximately...
Organic Dog Treats - Sluggers - Vegetarian Molasses
These treats come in a vacuum sealed 5 oz. containers which is approximately...
Prince Birthday Cake Dog Treat
Prince Cake is perfect for the birthday boy. These are soft, peanut butter...
Princess Birthday Cake Dog Treat
Princess Cake is perfect for the birthday girl. These are soft, peanut butter...
Shelf Stable Birthday Cake For Dogs
They are a peanut butter apple cake and can be cut to serve 4 medium-large...
Garden Party Cake Dog Treat
Garden Party is the first in our Designer Cake Series. These are soft, peanut...
Punk Rock Cake Dog Treat
Punk Rock Skull Cake is the second in our Designer Cake Series. These are...
Woodland Squirrel Cake Dog Treat
Woodland Squirrel is the latest in our Designer Cake Series. These are soft,...
My Little Cupcake - Gouremet Dog Treats
This little cupcake gift box is just perfect for gifting as well as...
Monkey Business Bionic Pupcake Organic Dog Treats
These treats are made with all natural organic bananas that my mom purees...
Bionic Pupcakes Organic Dog Treats
Super-sized Pupcakes for the Big Furball in your life! (or just perfect for a...
Happy Birthday Doggy Pupcakes
These little mini pupcakes are just perfect for a birthday, whether...
Smooch a Pooch Dog Gift Basket
Sneak in that little smooch on top of the head or behind the ear and tell...
Birthday Mini Treat Tote - Gourmet Dog Treats
This mini tote comes packed with 2 dozen assorted cookies!
Organic Dog Treats - Lollipup Bouquet - Gourmet Dog Treats
Perfect for the doggie crew, whether a birthday or just a romp in the park,...
Happy Birthday Cookie Cake Dog Treat
This special happy birthday cookie cake is all natural and made with human...
Dog Birthday Bash Gift Basket
Treat your pet to this delicious treats for their birthday.
Dog Birthday Tank Top
Available for the birthday girl or birthday boy dog.
Birthday Cake Dog Treat
Personalized doggie birthday cakes, baked to order.
Birthday Cupcakes Dog Treats
Have individual cupcakes for your pups party, each cupcake comes withits own...
Giant Birthday Bone Dog Treat
What's better than a giant bone for your pooch on his/her birthday. Each...
Mini Birthday Cake For Dogs
You can have a small party for your dog or invite a few of his/her friends...

It is estimated that a dog ages 7 ‘dog years’ for every year of a human’s life. Just think how many birthday celebrations you can have for your dog each year? One birthday every 7 or 8 weeks; such a deal!

Regardless of how many times a year you decide to celebrate your dog’s birthday Pampered Dog Gifts has over 2 dozen different birthday gifts and gift baskets specifically for your dogs special day(s).

Bringing home your new puppy can be a birthday experience with any of our Welcome Home or New Puppy Gift Baskets. In both lively shades of pink and blue your puppy will know he or she is home to stay.

As your dog grows you can commemorate his or her birthday anytime with our variety of celebratory gifts and treats. Honor your pet with a platter of birthday dog treats from the Barkworths Bakery. There is an assortment of plush toys ranging from birthday cake toys and singing birthday present toys to plush ice cream cones and noise makers.

Our Smooch a Pooch Dog Gift Basket is a great birthday gift reminding your dog just how much he means to you. Loaded with treats and toys; this birthday basket will keep your dog happy until his next birthday celebration.

There is a dog birthday gift basket full of color and loaded with treats and toys. If your pet decides they would like to invite some friends to the birthday celebration; Pampered Dog Gifts has the Dog Birthday Bash Gift Basket. This huge basket has enough treats for several dogs to enjoy. These gourmet treats include more than a few varieties of cookies, peanut butter treats, carob covered lollipups and the best part is each treat has no artificial anything.

For the owner who prefers to have their dog stay on an organic diet there is a Happy Birthday gift basket just for them. Never straying away from our promise of healthy pet snacks these lollipups have no preservatives but, tons of flavor

If you are the type of owner that likes to go overboard we have several gratifying gifts for you. We stock several different kinds of dog treat cookie tins in the shape of dog bones. We have a complete book dedicated to partying with your dog called, How to Party with Your Pup. This is a go big or go home book about how to ridiculously spoil your dog.

With all of our Pampering, Partying and Pet Pleasing treats for your dog’s birthday there will be no question whose dog is the most spoiled; yours.