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Designer Dog Collars - Fancy Dog Collars

Every dog knows that his or her collar tells a lot about their personality. Each of our designer dog collars will let your dog’s individuality shine through. has over 60 styles of designer dog collars to choose from. Many in our inventory give you the option to choose colors as well as fashion.

We have dog collars that are appropriate for a wedding either human or K9. Most of the collars are studded with copper, silver, faux diamonds or turquoise. You can choose a collar for your dog to suit the part of the country you are from. If you live out west choose a leather collar with antique gold studs for the rugged look. Hollywood residents can choose from a number of classy crystal studded collars. The gamblers in Las Vegas will love the Maverick Leather collar adorned with Spades, Clubs, Diamonds and Hearts. The tougher breeds don’t want any sissy stuff; the Leather Stud Collar will let everyone know just how tough they are.

We can personalize collars for your dog. Have their name in dazzling jeweled letters along the outside of their collar.

We keep a close watch on our inventory of collars. Older styles will be put on sale to make way for new ones. Check back frequently to see which collars have been discounted and take a look at our new styles. Our customer service reps will help you with any measurements concerns. We look forward to fitting your dog with the perfect collar.