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Vinyl Dog Toys - Rubber Dog Toys - Latex Dog Toys

A vinyl dog toy is an inexpensive way to give your dog something to play with. These vinyl toys have squeakers and are great for dogs who love to make noise.

Browse our selection of latex, rubber and vinyl dog toys for your pup.

Premium Stuffed Latex Totally Soft Co...

soft cookie toy

Product ID : SCH-701

Made with 70% real, natural rubber for added durability. This is not a...

  • $1.99
  • $9.99

Vinyl Hot Dog Toy

hot dog toy

Product ID : PQ-Hotdog

Complete with mustard, onions, and relish, this realistic looking hotdog...

  • $5.99

Vinyl Cheeseburger Dog Toy


Product ID : PQ-Cheeseburger

This delicious looking cheeseburger toy is perfect for the pup who always...

  • $5.99

Vinyl Holiday Dog Toy Set

vinyl christmas toy set

Product ID : VT-HolidayToySet

Vinyl holiday themed dog toys. Set of 4 toys for your spoiled pooch....

  • $8.00

Chocolate Cake Dog Toy

Chocolate Cake Dog Toy

Product ID : VT-49419

Vinyl chocolate cake with cherry. Your dog will love it. Makes a great...

  • $2.97

Beer Bottle Rubber Dog Toy

Beer Bottle Rubber Dog Toy

Product ID : VIP-BeerBottleToy

Happy hour for your four legged friend! These fun toys will make you laugh....
  • $10.15
  • $14.99