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Unique Designer Dog Toys - Novelty Dog Toys

Let all the other dogs in the neighborhood be in toy envy when they see all the Unique Dog Toys your pooch has from Let your dog have hours of fun while trying to get a cat out of the bag. Multipet® Cat in the Bag Toy is battery operated with a cat’s tail sticking out of the top of the bag. Once turned on the bag will roll around the floor as if a cat is trying to get out. Switch it on and let the fun begin.

Take some time to browse through our over 50 unique dog toys. From a plush wine bottle, sunglasses and glow in the dark disks to ice cream sandwiches and fire hydrants; all are soft and pliable so even puppies can enjoy them. For those dogs who are part of the drool patrol we have something extra special for them. Our slobber Wick Dog Bone Toy is unique in that it is absorbent, fast drying as well as machine washable. Shaped like a bone and available in three sizes your dog will be able to drool to his or her heart’s content without the mess.

Plush Checker Chewy Vuiton Ball Dog Toy
These brand new checker chewy vuiton plush ball toys are sure to be a hit...
Lulubelles Power Plush Woofles Dog Toy
This whimsical toy resembles a bag of ruffled potato chips.
Lulubelles Power Plush Grrritos Dog Toy
This whimsical toy resembles a bag of chips.
Zippy Paws Emoji Angry Face Squeaky Dog Toy
Now your dogs can express themselves with ZippyPaws Squeakie Emojiz, angry face
Lulubelles Power Plush Cowboy Boot Dog Toy
Let your dog sink its teeth into this plush cowboy boot toy
Plush Bat Mitzvah Dog Toy
From the bat cave high above Hollywood Boulevard, Bat Mitzvah the Bat
Manalo Barknik Shoe Toy Pink
Our new updated Manalo Barknik dog toy is a clever take on one of today’s...
Plush Candy Corn Dog Toy
This sweet candy corn plush toy by Ruff Ruff Couture® will give your dog a...
Lulubelles Power Plush Shark Dog Toy
Let your dog show its toys who’s boss as it sinks its teeth into this plush...
iSing Musical Dog Toy, 'Do Puppy Do', Pink
iSing Musical Dog Toys plays 'Do Puppy Do' 3-1/2x7 in soft, durable, pink...
iSing Musical Dog Toy, 'Pet Me', Yellow
iSing Musical Dog Toys plays 'Pet Me' 3-1/2x7 in soft, durable, yellow...
Plush Schmoozer Parrot Dog Toy
Chewish Treats by Copa Judaica Multicolor Plush Schmoozer The Parrot with a...
Leopard Sandal Plush Dog Toy
Take a walk on the wild side with the new Leopard Sandal toy by Ruff Ruff...
iSing Musical Dog Toy, 'Let's Never Part', Green
iSing Musical Dog Toys plays 'Lets Never Part' 3-1/2"x7" soft, durable, green...
Vanilla & Strawberry Ice Cream Plush Dog Toy
Plush Vanilla & Strawberries Ice Cream in a waffle cone.
Star Trek Red Shirt Plush Dog Toy
This officially licensed Star Trek dog toy is out of this world fun.
Furry Drum Dog Toy
These Toys will keep your dogs rockin and rollin, rapping and jazzing,...
Im Rich Bitch Bone Dog Toy
This dog toy features an embroidered design and adorned with a matching bow...
Rich Bitch Plush Bone Dog Toy
No one will question your diva stature while playing with this Rich Bitch...
Plush Chill Pill Dog Toy
Your dog will love "chilling out" with this soft and squeaky dog toy from the...
Camelia De Koko Purse Dog Toy
Plush Camelia De Koko Toy Purse-elegant simplicity.
Plush Furpawd Dog Toy
This plush toy has a squeaker inside and measures about 6.5 tall and 4 wide
Plush Furpad Dog Toy
This plush toy has a squeaker inside and measures about 7.75 tall and 6 wide
Plush Grumble Grunter Dog Toys
Unique grunting noise entertains dogs and owners alike, available in monkey...
Plush Blue Seahorse Dog Toy
Made of soft plush in fun blue seahorse design. Each colorful toy contains a...
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Plush Platty Pooch Dog Toy
Durable corduroy texture, soft cord tail and well hidden squeaker add to his...
Dawgwich Ice Cream Plush Dog Toy
Take a bite of our ice cream sandwich Dawgwich! Fabulous and fun squeaky...
Perfume Bottle Plush Dog Toy
Ultra soft plush with squeaker.
Givenchewy Plush Sunglasses Dog Toy
This plush chew toy is designed to resemble a real pair of sunglasses
Pina Chewlada Plush Dog Toy
Ultra soft plush with warble sound stem.