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Tough Dog Toys - Durable Dog Toys - Indestructible Dog Toys

No toy is indestructible; but these come close

If you own a dog, regardless of the size, this scenario has happened to you. You have purchased a toy that the manufacturer insists is durable. Your dog starts to play with it and within the hour it is in a dozen pieces. No toy is totally indestructible but Pampered Dog Gifts Tough Toys come close.

Many of our tough dog toys are made from non-toxic plush fabric, double stitched inner liner and a fully protected squeaker toy inside. Our toys range in size from a few inches to nearly two feet long. Several of our tough toys have a ‘Tough Scale’ rating with the sturdiest being a 10.

Depending on what your dog enjoys Pampered Dog Gifts has tough toys in a wide selection of animals and play shapes. Your pet can play with dolphins, skunks, squirrels or roosters depending on his or her preferences. These toys are the closest thing to ideal. They are rugged yet soft, machine washable and reasonably priced. They make great Christmas and birthday gifts for every doggie member of the family.

Some of our tough toys come in different sizes to fit your breed of dog. If there is a drop down box on the webpage of your selection you will be able to view the various sizes we have.

Lulubelles Power Plush - Bacon Dog Toy

bacon package toy

Product ID : Lul-Bacon

Let your dog sink its teeth into this plush package of bacon toy. Trying...

  • $4.99
  • $9.99

Lulubelles Power Plush - Bulldog Brew

brew bottle

Product ID : LUL-PPBrew

Let your dog sink its teeth into this plush bottle of brew toy. Trying its...

  • $4.99
  • $9.99

Lulubelles Power Plush Pink Leopard S...

leopard pump toy

Product ID : HK-60017_18

Treat your diva pet with this plush pink leopard pump toy. This whimsical...

  • $4.99
  • $9.99

Lulubelles Power Plush Cowboy Boot Do...

cowboy boot toy

Product ID : HUK-60019_20

Let your dog sink its teeth into this plush cowboy boot toy. Trying its...

  • $4.99
  • $12.00

Tough Glow In The Dark Disc Dog Toy

disc dog toy

Product ID : WPD-Disc

Zisc is a fresh new idea in the world of flying discs...the Zisc is...

  • $12.00

Kyjen Tuff Ones Halloween Pumpkin Dog...

tuff ones halloween pumpkin

Product ID : KY-2776

Our Halloween Tuff Ones make the perfect holiday treat for dogs. And their...

  • $7.99

Zanies MegaRuffs Whirleez Dog Toys

mega tough toy

Product ID : PE-ZA5099

Discover the titan of tough toys! The Zanies® MegaRuffs™ Whirleez Dog...

  • $16.99

Mega Tuff Donut Dog Toy

Mega Tuff Donut Dog Toy

Product ID : TUF-MG-R

Great fun for all dogs. They fly, float, fetch, squeak and tug. New Mega...
  • $24.95

Mighty Fox Tough Dog Toy

Mighty Fox Tough Dog Toy

Product ID : TUF-FoxToy

Oh so soft and cute! Foxy will out-wit and out-last many other toys and will...
  • $19.95

Tuffy Boomerang Dog Toy

Tuffy Boomerang Dog Toy

Product ID : TUF-MG-BR

Tough boomerang dog toy is approx. 10" inches -- Great for interactive play...
  • $13.99

Tuffy Iron Fish Dog Toy

Tuffy Iron Fish Dog Toy

Product ID : TUF-U-F

Iron Fish 10 inches -- which is tough and long lasting great for beginning...
  • $14.95

Tuffy Stone Bone Dog Toy

Tuffy Stone Bone Dog Toy

Product ID : TUF-MG-B

The bone contains three squeakers and is a wonderful toy for those dogs that...
  • $14.95

Tuffy Tug Of War Dog Toy

Tuffy Tug Of War Dog Toy

Product ID : TUF-12667

Play with your puppy or encourage two dogs to play together with this...

  • $17.95

Lenny Leopard Tough Dog Toy

tuff leopard toy

Product ID : DIG-TUF-Leopard

When your pooch adopts this Leopard cub, they’ll have a friend for life!...

  • $19.95

Mighty Tough Dolphin Dog Toy

tough dolphin toy

Product ID : DIG-TUF-Dolphin

Dolly the dolphin is a delightful but tough dog toy. Your pooch is sure...

  • $19.95

Tough Seal Dog Toy

tough seal toy

Product ID : DIG-TUF-SealToy

Sandy the seal is a cute but tough dog toy. Your pooch is sure to enjoy...

  • $19.95

Tough Dog Toys

While these tough toys will stand up to some of the roughest dogs, no dog toy is indestructible. Take a look at the Mega Donut tough toy from Tuffies. It has seven layers of stitching and is one of our toughest, with a tuff scale of 10. Please keep in mind this is still not a chew toy and dogs should be supervised while playing with it.

In the event that there are questions about our tough toys please feel free to contact us. We have a toll free phone number and we have email for those who prefer that convenience. Let your dog chew all he or she wants with the right toy. Get your dog a tough toy and let the tough play begin.