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Thermo Dog Beds - Cooling Pet Beds

For those who have the luxury of a heated or cooled water bed you know how relaxing they can be. Crawl into warm and toasty covers in the dead of winter or slip into cool sheets in the heat of summer, there is comfort in both. knows how wonderful it feels and they want your dog to have the same relaxing experiences. We have both cooling beds for the really hot days and warming beds for the bone chilling nights.

For some dogs a warming bed isn’t a luxury it is a necessity. Many dogs as they age will get arthritis and need some kind of heating element to keep them from having too much pain. Our heated beds are close to the floor so older dogs will be able to step on them with ease.

If you live in an area where the weather is warm you will want to get one of the cooling beds. Especially in the more humid areas of the country a dog with a heavy coat will welcome a chance to lie on a cool bed. For dogs that live in colder climates a heated bed is a delightful feeling after a long day of hunting in the cold.

Some of our inventory gives customers a choice of sizes and colors. Email or call us with any product questions.

Ortho Bolster Dog Bed
Cooling Dog Bed
Ortho Thermo Dog Bed
Thermo Dog Bed