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Talking Dog Toys

These plush talking dog toys speak for themselves. Talking animals such as the meowing kitty, mooing cow, barking dog, quacking duck, screaming chimp and more. They are sure to make you laugh. If your dog loves talking toys they will love these.

iSing Musical Dog Toy, 'Do Puppy Do', Pink
iSing Musical Dog Toys plays 'Do Puppy Do' 3-1/2x7 in soft, durable, pink...
iSing Musical Dog Toy, 'Pet Me', Yellow
iSing Musical Dog Toys plays 'Pet Me' 3-1/2x7 in soft, durable, yellow...
iSing Musical Dog Toy, 'Let's Never Part', Green
iSing Musical Dog Toys plays 'Lets Never Part' 3-1/2"x7" soft, durable, green...
Talking Brown Cow Dog Toy
mooooo talking cow dog toy
Snoring Bear Plush Dog Toy
Soft & cute sleeping bears that snore. Measures approx. 6 in.
Cow Thighbone Plush Dog Toy
soft fur plush toy with squeaker. Looks like a cow thighbone.
Barking Dog Plush Toy
This barking dog is sure to get attention.
Singing Dog Plush Toy
Singing dog with antlers is sure to be a hit with your little one.
Talking Dreidel Dog Toy
Dreidel dog toy plays Dreidel - Dreidel - la la la la...
Product is out of stock
Talking Duck Dog Toy
Quacking duck is sure to bring a smile to your face.