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Small Dog Collars - Tiny Dog Collars

Small, toy and tea cup breeds more often than not have trouble finding collars to fit properly. has a collection of small dog collars that we hope will solve all sizing problems.

However, these are not your boring black, brown or gray colored collars; these are nothing short of glitzy. Adorned with either rhinestones or Swarovski Crystals your pint size pups will enjoy all the extra attention they will get with these lovely collars.

Our small dog collars come in a variety of widths and are constructed with leather, velvet or nylon. Most of our small collars can either be hand washed and dried or tossed in the washing machine.

When ordering please provide us with the exact measurements. Any questions or concerns about sizing can be handled through our customer service representatives. We make many of these collars when you order them, so please allow 5 to 7 business days for shipping.

Clear Crystal Dog Collar

clear crystal collar

Product ID : MIR-9201

A 5/8" wide collar with one row of clear stunning crystals. Collars...

  • $5.99

Star Of The Show Aqua Collar

star of show aqua

Product ID : RHN-StarShowAqua

This aqua velvet on nylon rhinestone dog collar is 3/8" wide. It has...

  • $34.95

Pink Starlett in Waterfall Collar

pink starlett waterfall

Product ID : RHN-PinkStarlet

This pink velvet on nylon rhinestone designer dog collar is 3/8" wide....

  • $34.95

Topaz Diva Rhinestone Collar

topaz diva

Product ID : RHN-TopazDiva

This gold velvet on nylon rhinestone dog collar is 3/8" wide. It has...

  • $34.95

Lavender Crystal Dog Collar

Lavender Crystal Dog Collar

Product ID : RHN-mLavAngel

This collar is 3/8" wide. It has beautiful lavender stones. D-Ring leash...

  • $37.00

Black Velvet Diamond Collar with Leash

Black Velvet Diamond Collar with Leash

Product ID : RHN-Velvet3

This collar is 5/8" wide. It has a beautiful black velvet ribbon mounted...

  • $59.99

Red Velvet Crystal Dog Collar and Leash

Red Velvet Crystal Dog Collar and Leash

Product ID : RHN-RichRedVel

This collar is 3/8" wide. It has a beautiful red velvet ribbon mounted to...

  • $52.99

Fancy Rhinestone Dog Collar

Fancy Rhinestone Dog Collar

Product ID : PE-FancyCollar

Add a pop of color and touch of bling to your dog’s daily routine with a...

  • $3.99
  • $14.99

Bling Glitter Leather Dog Collar

bling glitter collar

Product ID : Bev-BlingGlitterCollar

Super Soft, flexible & beautiful padded glitter dog collars. These...

  • $5.99
  • $12.99

Metallic Hearts Dog Collar

metallic hearts dog collar

Product ID : Bev-MetallicHearts

Beautiful metallic Green, Red, Purple, Blue or Pink metallic leather heart...

  • $5.99
  • $18.00

Our small dog collars are perfect for tiny and toy breed dogs. If your dog is tiny you know how hard it can be to find a beautiful collar that will not be too bulky. At Pampered-Dog-Gifts we hear you. You can find a nice assortment of beautiful collars for your tiny pooch. If we do not have a small enough size, let us know and we will try to find something for your precious baby.