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Raised Dog Feeders - Elevated Dog Bowls - Dog Bowl Stands

elevated pet feeder

The Benefits of Raised Bowl Feeders

Pampered Dog Gifts raised food and water bowls provide a number of benefits for your dog. Larger dogs see more health returns than smaller ones; still, both gain health advantages

When a dog uses a raised dog bowl he or she has better posture. This can be very important with older dogs especially those with painful joints. Many vets have concluded that having the dog’s food bowl raised aids digestion; helping the food move faster to their stomachs. There is less stress on the dog’s forearm and wrist area. Because there is less leaning involved it relieves pressure on the dog’s hip and shoulder area.

If you have a larger dog, a German shepherd or bigger; consider getting one of the Pampered Dog Gifts models. Perhaps your dog is starting to show his age by exhibiting signs of aching joints. A raised dog feeder will provide painless eating and drinking.

Our inventory includes nearly 30 different styles of raised dog feeders; one of the most comprehensive selections on the internet to date. Since both dogs and dog feeders come in diverse sizes; pay special attention to the heights of our various feeders

Crown Raised Pet Diners

crown diners

Product ID : CRO-PetDiner

Crown Pet Diners are designed to create an easier and healthier dining...

  • $90.00

Bone Single Bowl Raised Diner

single bone diner

Product ID : PSS-RSB3

A clean, circle base single diner constructed of flat wire wrought iron,...

  • $49.95

Butterfly Double Diners

butterfly diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB7

A traditional style double diner with a butterfly inspired design on its...

  • $74.95

Baron Triple Bowl Diner

triple baron

Product ID : PSS-RTB13

Our best selling Baron diner is now available in a triple! Looks great in...

  • $105.95

Bone Triple Bowl Diner

triple bone diner

Product ID : PSS-RTB2

A one of a kind triple bowl diner for owners of multiple small dogs, or...

  • $74.95

Noblesse Double Diner

Noblesse diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB32

A beautiful double diner fashioned in the Euro Classic style. Available in...

  • $84.95

Petite Ash Double Diners

double ash diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB34

A simple, elegant diner for cats and tiny dogs. Made of real Ash wood,...

  • $62.95

Austin Mod Double Diner

austin mod diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB35L

This hip, modern diner constructed from real hardwood is sure to impress!...

  • $220.00

Arch Cross Double Diners

arch cross diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB40

A new twist on and old classic, this simple yet elegant diner adds a noble...

  • $74.95

Four Square Double Diner

four square black

Product ID : PSS-RDB42

Small(l x w x h) - 14" x 7" x 5.5" - 5lbs (1 qt...

  • $96.95

Pyramid Double Diners

pyramid diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB2

Our classic pyramid design, popular for its clean, minimalist look....

  • $74.95

Libro Double Diner

libro diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB25

Our newest wrought iron double diners - a modular, block-style spin on our...

  • $124.95

Porchside Outdoor Double Diner

outdoor diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB26

A brand new addition to our line, our Porchside Outdoor Diners are made of...

  • $129.95

Arbor Double Diners

arbor diner

Product ID : RDB-27

The newest addition to our line of double diners, the Arbor diners blend...

  • $74.95

Southern Maple Double Diner

maple diner

Product ID : PSS-WRDB2

A stunning, instant classic, the Southern Maple diners blend the warmth of...

  • $129.95

Mesh Double Diners

mesh diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB1

Our stylish Mesh Double diner has been a best seller from the start. A...

  • $74.95

Moretti Double Diners

small morietti diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB39

This beautiful modern diner blends the sturdiness of our other tube...

  • $74.95

Solid Surface Mahogany Dog Diner

solid surface mahogany diner

Product ID : CPB-SSDM

This solid mahogany dog diner has a solid surface top. The solid surface...

  • $164.95

Solid Surface Raised Dog Diner

solid surface diner

Product ID : CPB-SSD

These diners have a solid ash base that is handcrafted in Maine. It has...

  • $152.95

Baron Double Diner

Baron Double Diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB13

A favorite for two years running - the Baron Double Diner will look great...

  • $92.95

Bone Double Pet Diner

Bone Double Pet Diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB3

With its contemporary yet whimsical appearance, the original Bone Double...

  • $69.95

Cantilever Double Diner

Cantilever Double Diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB16

Our one-of-a-kind Cantilever Double Diners look great in modern settings....

  • $94.95

Chariot Double Diner

Chariot Double Diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB19

One of our latests wrought iron diners, featuring sleek rectangle design,...

  • $69.95

Oval Cross Double Diner

Oval Cross Double Diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB8

A simple yet elegant design with curved cross-stitch sides and an oval...

  • $79.95

Raised Wooden Diner

Raised Wooden Diner

Product ID : ZA444

These wooden diners have a rich cherry finish that complements popular...

  • $49.95

Regal Double Diner

Regal Double Diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB9

The Regal Double Diner is a simple, elegant, back to the basics design,...

  • $69.95

Seasaw Double Diner

Seasaw Double Diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB18

Our newest diner - a sturdy, beautiful design constructed from heavy duty...

  • $94.95

Tray Top Double Diner

Tray Top Double Diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB14

A stylish, clean design with sheet metal tray top and heavy duty steel...

  • $79.95

Vision Indoor Outdoor Diner

Vision Indoor Outdoor Diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB17

Our first indoor / outdoor diners, the Vision Double diners fit perfectly...

  • $79.95

Wooden Bone Cut Double Dog Diner

Wooden Bone Cut Double Dog Diner

Product ID : PSS-WRDB1

Our classic wooden bone cut...

  • $109.95

Woodsman Double Diner

Woodsman Double Diner

Product ID : PSS-RDB20

Our new woodsman diner features an elegant wooden, butcher block style...

  • $129.95

2 Bowl Traditional Wooden Pet Diners

2 Bowl Traditional Wooden Pet Diners

Product ID : CPB-2BowlTraditional

Pamper your pet with a dining table of their own with this raised wooden...

  • $134.95

3 Bowl Raised Wooden Dog Diner

3 Bowl Raised Wooden Dog Diner

Product ID : CPB-3BowlDiner

Present water, dry food, and wet food to your dog in this sturdy, stylish...

  • $99.95

Raised Wooden Mahogany Pet Diner

Raised Wooden Mahogany Pet Diner

Product ID : CPB-MahoganyDiner

Made from solid mahogany, not plywood or veneers. With simple lines,...

  • $145.95

If you think your dog would benefit from a raised or elevated dog diner; look over our assortment. If there are any questions send us and email or call our toll free phone number and talk to one of our customer assistance reps. We are here and happy to help you make the best decision for your dog