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Plush Dog Toys - Stuffed Dog Toys

These plush dog toys are adorable, soft and they squeak. Dogs love them! We have over 100 varieties of plush toys to choose from to suit any dogs tastes. Select from standard plush bones and animals to unique toys such as cupcakes, bras, cars and more. You're sure to find something to suit your fancy.

Lulubelles Power Plush - Bacon Dog Toy
Product ID : Lul-Bacon
Let your dog sink its teeth into this plush package of bacon toy
Lulubelles Power Plush - Bulldog Brew
Product ID : LUL-PPBrew
Let your dog sink its teeth into this plush bottle of brew toy
Killer Fish Plush Dog Toys
Product ID : RP-KillerFish
This colorful killer fish dog toy is plush with squeaker inside.
Beach Dog Flip Flop Dog Toy
Product ID : C2C-FlipFlop
Let you dog join the summer fun with this beach dog flip flop toy.
Chewy Vuiton Posh Purse Dog Toy
Product ID : DDD-RedVuiton
Brown chewy vuiton purse with red trim and handle.
Plush Bat Mitzvah Dog Toy
Product ID : COP-980
From the bat cave high above Hollywood Boulevard, Bat Mitzvah the Bat
Manalo Barknik Shoe Toy Pink
Product ID : HDD-manalopink
Our new updated Manalo Barknik dog toy is a clever take on one of today’s...
Sweet Strawberry Plush Toy
Product ID : RRC-StrawberryToy
Sweet Strawberry toy is always a treat for a summer day of play.
Plush Candy Corn Dog Toy
Product ID : RRC-CandyCorn
This sweet candy corn plush toy by Ruff Ruff Couture® will give your dog a...
The Walking Dead Well Walker Stretch Dog Toy
Product ID : COOP-TWD212
The Walking Dead Well-Walker Plush Dog Stretch and Chew Toy features the...
Plush Dinosaur Dog Toy
Product ID : PR-Dino
Soft and cuddly, they are the perfect toy.
Plush Schmoozer Parrot Dog Toy
Product ID : COP-Parrot
Chewish Treats by Copa Judaica Multicolor Plush Schmoozer The Parrot with a...
Hoot The Owl Feather Friends Dog Toy
Product ID : PWP-HootOwl
Leopard Sandal Plush Dog Toy
Product ID : RRC-Sandal
Take a walk on the wild side with the new Leopard Sandal toy by Ruff Ruff...
Plush Red Phone Dog Toy
Product ID : PDG-PlushPhone
This plush toy has a squeaker inside and measures about 6 tall and 3 wide
Plush Banana Bunch Dog Toy
Product ID : PDG-BananaBunch
plush bunch of bananas toy
Teddy Bear Lollipop Plush Dog Toy
Product ID : RRC-TeddyLolli
Features soft brown and tan fur, a super cute face, crinkle paper handle...
Yummy Strawberry Cupcake Plush Toy
Product ID : RRC-StawberryCupcake
Our Yummy cupcake plush squeaker toy features two-toned cake and luscious...
Lolli Love Lollipop
Product ID : RRC-0125-8405-PP
ur Lolli Love plush squeaker toy is the perfect toy to entertain your sugar...
Spooky Odd Couple Halloween Dog Toy
Product ID : VT-68181
The Spooky Odd Couple toys with squeaker is perfect for Halloween.
Multipet Mr Peabody Dog Toy
Product ID : MUL-37162
Classic Plush Characters the Squeak! Dreamworks Movie character - Mr Peabody
Multipet Sherman Dog Toy
Product ID : MUL-37274
Classic Plush Characters the Squeak! Dreamworks Movie character - Sherman
Star Trek Red Shirt Plush Dog Toy
Product ID : RP-CP-ST201
This officially licensed Star Trek dog toy is out of this world fun.
Furry Keyboard Dog Toy
Product ID : FAV-Keyboard
You probably won't hear the Moonlight Sonata from this Keyboard Dog Toy, but...
Plush Halloween Devil Dog Toy
Product ID : Vt-PlushDevil
plush 17 in devil dog toy with squeaker
Sleep Over Monkey Blanket & Toy Set
Product ID : OSC-0012
Plush Frankenstein Dog Toy
Product ID : PE-FrankenSteinFace
Scary Frankenstein face plush dog toy with squeaker
Officialy Licensed Plush Garfield Squeak Dog Toy
Product ID : MP-Garfield
Officially Licensed Garfield plush filled dog toy that squeaks
Plush Yenta Lips Dog Toy
Product ID : COP-954
Plush Schlep Camel Dog Toy
Product ID : COP-953
Plush Lox The Fish Dog Toy
Product ID : COP-Lox
Plush Bagel and Cream Cheese Chewish Squeak Pet Toy
Product ID : COP- Bagel
Plush Shtinker Skunk Dog Toy
Product ID : COP-907
Fat Cat High Flying Sooper Heroes
Product ID : RP-FC-630087
Chewy Vuiton Shoe Dog Toy
Product ID : DDD-VuitonShoe
Every shoeaholic pup needs a closet full of designer pumps, and this pair of...
Plush Chill Pill Dog Toy
Product ID : Loop-ChillPill
Your dog will love "chilling out" with this soft and squeaky dog toy from the...
Zanies Blooming Brights Bees Dog Toys
Product ID : PE-ZA1220
Zanies Sleepy Teddies Dog Toys
Product ID : PE-SleeyTeddy
Small dogs will snuggle up to these Grriggles Teddy Jacks—the perfect teddy...
Bundle Of Joy Bear
Product ID : PE-BundleJoy
The perfect gift to welcome home any new puppy or dog, these plush...
Camelia De Koko Purse Dog Toy
Product ID : DDD-CameliaDeKoko
Plush Camelia De Koko Toy Purse-elegant simplicity.
Plush Furpawd Dog Toy
Product ID : FUR-furpawd
This plush toy has a squeaker inside and measures about 6.5 tall and 4 wide
Plush Furpad Dog Toy
Product ID : Fur-Furpad
This plush toy has a squeaker inside and measures about 7.75 tall and 6 wide
Snoring Bear Plush Dog Toy
Product ID : HIP-snoringbear
Soft & cute sleeping bears that snore. Measures approx. 6 in.
Cow Thighbone Plush Dog Toy
Product ID : HIP-CowThighbone
soft fur plush toy with squeaker. Looks like a cow thighbone.
Shoe Dog Toy
Product ID : PEPA-ShoeToy
Toss your dog a shoe that they’re allowed to chew on with this stylish...
Plush Grumble Grunter Dog Toys
Product ID : PE-GrumbleGrunter
Unique grunting noise entertains dogs and owners alike, available in monkey...
Plush Blue Seahorse Dog Toy
Product ID : PE-BlueSeahorse
Made of soft plush in fun blue seahorse design. Each colorful toy contains a...
Product is out of stock
Teddy Jack Puppy Toy
Product ID : PE-TeddyJack
Small dogs will snuggle up to these Grriggles Teddy Jacks—the perfect teddy...
Plush Platty Pooch Dog Toy
Product ID : PDG-PlattyPooch
Durable corduroy texture, soft cord tail and well hidden squeaker add to his...
Plush Safari Bone Dog Toy
Product ID : PE-SafariBone
Add a wild touch to puppy play time with a soft animal print bone toy from...
Stuffingless Plush Dog Toys
Product ID : PE-Unstuffies
dogs love to shake, toss and tug these stuffing free dog toys
Griggles Road Crew Unstuffy Dog Toys
Product ID : PE-RoadCrew
Road Crew Unstuffies have a look that will make everyone laugh out loud
Plush Bull Dog Toy
Product ID : PE-PlushBull
Available in three bright, eye-catching colors, these toys are soft and cuddly.
Griggles Spring Garden Plush Flower Toy
Product ID : PE-FlowerToy
Grriggles Spring Garden Collection Flower Dog Toys are sure to spring up some...
Mini Gator Plush Dog Toy
Product ID : PDG-MiniGator
This adorable gator is ready to play with your small dog.
Plush Donkey Dog Toy
Product ID : PDG-Donkey
This adorable donkey is ready to play with your small dog.
Plush Moon Galactic Dog Toy
Product ID : FUR-MoonToy
Moon shaped plush dog toy.
Fruit Poops Squeaky Dog Toy
Product ID : WP-FruitPoops
Give your pooch a sweet start to the day with a bowel of Fruit Poops with milk.
Hide A Toy Plush Turtle
Product ID : KYJ-PP02147
Just hide the soft plush baby turtles inside the plush turtle and watch your...
Muttaroni Plush Dog Toy
Product ID : muttaroni
Retro inspired fun - fill these beautiful embroidered plush toys with treats
Plush Red Lips Dog Toy
Product ID : WP-PlushLipsToy
Our Kiss Kiss plush squeaker toy is the perfect toy to entertain fun loving...
Plush Rocking Horse Dog Toy
Product ID : RRC-0125-6100
Baby pink, blue and yellow color combo. Available in 2 sizes
Poop Tarts Dog Toy
Product ID : WP-PoopTarts
Now your dog can join you for breakfast and chew on his own Poop Tart while...
Pink Skull Dog Toy
Product ID : FAB-T030
adorable plush dog toy make a great Valentine gift or your little girl. It is...