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Pet Tents - Indoor Dog Beds and Houses

Let your pet have some fun. Instead of just a bed why not give your dog one of dog tents or collapsible dog houses. Our pet tents are some of the cutest on the internet pet market.

Choose a Camelot Pet Tent made with beautiful upholstered fabric and silky tassels. Most of the tents of this type are raised up a few inches from the floor so the cushion they sleep on stays warm.

Our inventory includes a similar tent called the Café Au Lait Pet Tent. This tent is designed for smaller dogs and is constructed with soft micro suede fabric with dark brown trim. Your little ball of fluff will love having a space just for them.

For dogs that enjoy a more festive approach to life try our red and white striped Carnival style pet tent. This jovial tent comes complete with pom-poms around the overhang and on the very top of the tent.

Our other tents don’t really look like tents but they are just as fun. Let your pet cuddle up with our Pet Club Faux Mink Pet House that is soft and warm both inside and out.

Try the Collapsible Pet Houses in both Dalmatian Spots and Pink Puppy Paws. There is always something to enjoy on

Pretty In Pink Pet Tent Bed
made of white nylon fabric and features a billowing eave of fine sheer material
Carnival Pet Tent Bed
fun colorful composition of striped body fabric and denim top and trimmed...
Cafe Au Lait Pet Tent
light brown micro suede fabric,trimmed in chocolate brown,the cafe au lait...
Posh Pink Pet Tent
This tent is made of pink micro suede and features a sassy pink and brown...
Viva Le Chocolate Pet Tent
This tent is fashioned from sumptuous chocolate brown micro suede fabric
White Nylon Pet Tent
tent made of white nylon fabric and features a billowing eave

A stylish pet tent will add elegance to any decor and it will give your dog the sweetest dreams ever. These are perfect indoor dog beds and houses for small dogs. Your dog will love these luxurious beds -- called "pet tents". When they enter their tent and lie on their own special pillow, they will feel safe, secure, and special.