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Pet Gates - Indoor Dog Pens

Attractive Dog Gates for Your Home

Some people see them as a wonderfully engineered device, others see them as a necessary evil and others still see them as a way to protect their kids, carpets and hardwood floors. We are referring to the brilliant and illustrious invention; the dog gate.

We don’t like keeping our dogs penned up but, sometimes it is safer for our pet. Pampered Dog Gifts has several designs of dog gates to choose from. Most dog owners are familiar with the white, easily cleaned, auto pressure gate. These really are the best gates until your toddler figures out how to open it. It is versatile in its ability to adapt to any door opening and leaves no marks on the frame of the door.

Our top seller is the clear dog gate. It has a clear strong plastic gate that; so far, no toddler has been able to decipher. With glossy black trim and a steady grip it goes with any décor and most door openings.

A couple of our gates are free standing. These are a superior choice for older dogs that won’t push the gate aside and are not strong enough to push them over. Many of our customers say they have used these to protect both dogs and children from fireplaces, stairs and other hazards around the home.