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Pet Cologne - Dog Spritz

Your dog doesn’t have to smell like a dog

Many pet owners want to get rid of that dog smell; you know that stale, not so pleasant scent that manages to find its way on to your dog between baths. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite as easy as giving the dog a bath every time that dog odor makes an appearance.

Vets warn that if a dog is bathed too often, essential and protective oils can be washed away leaving your pet vulnerable to a multitude of environmental dangers. So what can a dog owner do to keep that doggie smell away in between baths?

Pampered Dog Gifts has a line of spritz and cologne that can keep your dog’s natural odor at bay, without smelling perfumed. Rather than having your dog smell like baby powder and flowers, Pampered Dog Gifts has several scents that mirror some of the best selling ‘people’ colognes on the market. For the more masculine breeds we offer Polo and Eternity. For the ladylike members of the K9 crew we offer Light Blue and the forever famous Chanel. For those discriminating breeds or perhaps those who are genderless we offer the unisex scents of Giorgio and the popular CK One.

For the newcomers we have Puppy Love Dog Perfume. This spritz gently blends the fragrances of Bergamot (delicate orange and floral scents), amber and jasmine for that cuddly smell and feel all puppies want. Puppies need to know they are loved and this cologne will make it difficult for anyone to keep their hands to themselves.


Pampered Dog Gifts also offers Shampoo and Spritz gift sets. These sets are elegantly cocooned in a sheer organza bag and are excellent and thoughtful gifts for the dog in your life.

A variety of dog gift baskets are dedicated to our shampoo, spritz and cologne collection. Browse through our entire collection of gift baskets and select the one right for the occasion. We can package your selections for a birthday, Welcome Home Puppy gift, holiday or a Just Because present.

Each of our fragrances has been carefully tested for gentleness as well as effectiveness. If there is ever a question about our line of dog colognes contact us before you order. We will be happy to answer all of your questions. For those who like the convenience of email or those who prefer a friendly phone call; we can accommodate both.

Pampered Dog Gifts is dedicated to those who are dedicated to their pets. All of our staff members own dogs and we know how important they are to our quality of life. Add to your dog’s quality of life by using the best shampoo and fragrances made for dogs, those offered by Pampered Dog Gifts.