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Orthopedic Pet Beds - Memory Foam Dog Beds

If you have ever had arthritis or aching muscles you know how comfortable it can be to lay down on a medical orthopedic grade foam bed. Your dog feels the same way. Resting on a bed made from medical grade foam is relaxing and pain reducing. has chosen the best therapeutic dog beds in the business. One of our top sellers is the Gel-Pedic dog bed. The gel foam inside the bed molds to your dog’s body and provides support in your pet’s natural nesting shape. Natural eucalyptus incorporated into the bed helps ward off all kinds of biting insects. Available in a variety sizes from Toy (6 pounds) to Large (up to 80 pounds).

The ultra comfortable Feather Top Ortho Dog Bed has 5” of orthopedic medical grade foam, a removable and washable cover and has real duck feathers for a comfy sleep.

Our other dog beds have an outer shell made of Microvelvet fabric. This amazing fabric resists stains and moisture and is effortlessly tossed in the washing machine for easy cleaning. All of our dog beds are easily transported so your dog doesn’t have to sleep on the cold ground when you are camping or a hard floor at a beach house.

Many of our dog beds must be custom ordered and are not returnable. Please consult our customer service team with any questions.

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