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Interactive Dog Toys - Puzzle Toys

Most of the Pampered Dog Gifts staff own dogs. Some of them own dogs with an endless amount of energy; like perpetual toddlers they are always on the go and getting into things. With the Plush Interactive Toys we sell; your dog will have an endless playmate and leave you alone.

Each of our interactive toys has some kind of stimulation whether physical, problem solving or a mental challenge our toys not only give owners a rest but, they keep your dog entertained.

Start with one of the simple toys, our Doggie Bag, powered by three AAA batteries (not included) is motion activated. Your dog will be surprised to see the toy moving and making noise as he or she walks past. This is perfect for puppy play especially the breeds that seem to need endless attention.

After the puppy stage has past your dog may need something a little more challenging to keep them occupied. Our Chews Ahoy cookie toy requires no batteries and once you fill it with yummy treats it will be a challenge for your pet to get them out. Another group of challenging toys is one of our burrowing toys. Depending on what your dog enjoys chasing or digging for our interactive/burrowing toys will have your dog hunting for his favorite critters for hours. Chicks, hedgehogs, bees, bunnies or other puppies are hidden in plush burrows and getting them out is continuous entertainment.

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These interactive toys are safe for all sizes of dogs. All are constructed with double stitching for extra durability. If your dog catches on quickly you may want to get more than one toy to keep things interesting.