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Dog Wedding Attire

Allow your dog to share in your special day with doggie wedding outfits.

You plan months for your wedding day; the church, the reception and all your friends and relatives. There is no reason to leave your pet at home when you can allow him or her to enjoy your day with you.

Pampered Dog Gifts understands what an important role your dog has played in your life. So, we offer a variety of styles and sizes of dog wedding dresses and doggie tuxedos to make them a part of your celebration.

With three different dress designs there is surely a style to suit your young lady. We carry a designer dress made by the East Side Collection called Yappily Ever After. White satin and organza make up the bodice and skirt; a matching satin bow on both the dress and the veil complete the ensemble. This off the shoulder style will accentuate any body type or size. This lovely gown is machine washable and line dry so it can be used again for another wedding; or better yet Halloween.

Inspired by the famous dress designer; the Ruff Ruff Couture® dress is made with flattering velour and lace with a diamond rhinestone heart accenting the waist. This heavier cotton gown is perfect for a winter wedding.

Our most lavish dress is the I See Spot® white and silver wedding dress. No shoulder straps on this ball gown; yet it is sure to turn heads on your day. A matching veil is sold separately.

All this fuss about the bride and her dress; what about the groom? Pampered Dog Gifts hasn’t forgotten about a flattering tuxedo for the groom. This tux is appropriate for any occasion. A wedding, New Year’s Eve party or any fancy function; a double breasted suit, silky shirt and James Bond bow tie will have all the ladies drooling.

If your dog isn’t comfortable in a wedding dress or tuxedo Pampered Dog Gifts has a beautiful rhinestone wedding collar for those pets that prefer to go ‘all natural’. Our size and measurements chart will help you get the best fit for your pet. Measuring instructions and complete size selection can be found on our website.

Product IDProduct Name Price  
Dog Wedding Dress Costume
Perfect for that special day. White Designer Satin Dog Dress with matching Veil.
Ring Bearer Scarf
Super comfortable cotton lycra scarf gives style to any formal occasion.
Dog Tuxedo Scarf
Super comfortable cotton lycra scarf gives style to any formal occasion.
Bridesmaids Dog Hair Bows
Romantic Wedding Bow for bridesmaids with a sequin flower in the center.
June Bride Wedding Bow
Romantic and Lacy Wedding Bow with a beautiful sequin flower in the center
Dog Wedding Bow - My Lady
Romantic Wedding Bow with a Swarovski Crystal in the center.
Dog Wedding Bow - Sweet Baby
Romantic Wedding Bow with a Swarovski Crystal in the center and sweet lace...
Dog Wedding Bow - Stud Muffin
Romantic Wedding Bow with a Black Diamond Swarovski Crystal in the center
Dog Wedding Bow - Little Lovie
Romantic Wedding Bow with a Swarovski Crystal in the center.
Couture Wedding Dress
Made from premier cottons, velours and imported lace and trim.
Duchess Wedding Dress
Duchess Wedding Dress features gorgeous white satin, lace chiffon and a heart...
Stripped Black Bow Tie Rhinestone Collar
This beautiful black collar is 5/8 wide. It has a beautiful black and white...
Crystal Dog Collar - Bow Tie
This collar is 5/8 wide. It is made up entirely of Swarovski crystals set in...

Our staff at Pampered Dog Gifts has been pampering pooches for over 2 decades. They take pleasure in dogs and all the joys that come with them. If you happen to have questions about any of our products we can be reached via email or by our toll free number.

There is no reason why your dog needs to be excluded from the festivities of your wedding day. Let Pampered Dog Gifts outfit your dog; be careful they just might steal the show.