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Dog Shampoo - Conditioner - Pet Shampoo

If heading to the groomers has hit you hard in the wallet as well as your time table; give yourself a break and get one of selection of shampoos.
We have chosen some of the best dog shampoos to be in our inventory of grooming supplies. Companies like Angles’ Eyes, Gorgeous Dog, Infusion Dog, Organic Oscar and Pet Effects have all been added so your choice of grooming products will always be in your dog’s best interest.

Most of our shampoos and conditioners are made with all natural ingredients. There are no harsh chemicals to irritate your pet’s skin or dull his or her coat. Organic Oscar and Angels’ Eyes shampoos have natural extracts that will provide healing to itchy skin, dry or hot patches and give your dog’s coat a healthy shine and softness.

Our conditioners go one step further and have a soothing as well as calming effect on your pet. Our conditioners have no petroleum based products, no fragrances or dyes to irritate eyes, ears and skin. Before you purchase any over the counter dog shampoo; check the label for artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals. Then talk to us about all the benefits of our carefully chosen supply of dog shampoos and conditioners.


Dog shampoo and spa gifts that make your pooch feel special.