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Dog Life Vests - Boat Ladders - Seat Belts

Dogs love to play and just like children need constant supervision. You need to keep your dog safe while he plays. Dogs depend on their owners to make sure they stay safe.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of some important safety items you will need to keep your best friend safe.

Browse our store for dog life jackets, boat ladders, cooling vests, booster seats and more. Keep your pet safe!

Dog Life Jacket

dog life vest

Product ID : DIG-HU930645-659

The buoyancy of this life jacket has been tested by the Finnish Institute...

  • $74.99

Microvelvet Car Booster Seat

microvelvet booster seat

Product ID : Bow-Booster

Travelling in the vehicle isn’t always the safest place for a dog,...

  • $165.95

Deluxe Pet Car Booster Seat

deluxe booster seat

Product ID : HK9-DeluxeBooster

If you’re looking for the most in style and luxury for your pet,...

  • $49.95

Sporty Pet Bicycle Basket

sporty bike basket

Product ID : HK9-85004

Being outdoors is incredible, but often times the long bike rides can tire...

  • $59.99

Buddy Pet Bicycle Basket

plush bike basket

Product ID : HK9-85002

Take your pet with you where ever you go with the Buddy Pet Bicycle Basket...

  • $49.99

Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket

standard bicycle basket

Product ID : SOLV62330

For the ultimate in style and comfort, look no further than The Deluxe...

  • $49.99

Wicker Pet Bicycle Basket

wicker pet bicycle basket

Product ID : PM-SOL-WickerBasket

Its' Time to bike with your dog!

Tagalong™ Wicker Bicycle...

  • $69.99

Dog Cooling Coat

dog cooling coat

Product ID : DIG-HU930954-977

Hot and muggy days can leave us feeling gross, uncomfortable and...

  • $49.95

Designer Dog Life Jacket - Louie

designer life jacket louie

Product ID : HK9-N1000

Introducing the Louie designer dog life jacket! White with multi-color...

  • $34.99

Dog Car Booster Seat

car booster seat

Product ID : OH-2478-76

  • Keeps pet hair from your car seat
  • Interior safety strap...
    • $39.99

Dog Life Vest

Dog Life Vest

Product ID : HK9-1000

Even some of the better trained dogs and puppies have trouble with their...

  • $27.00

Outward Hound Pet Saver Life Jacket

Outward Hound Pet Saver Life Jacket

Product ID : OH-05327

Outward Hound Pet Saver™ Life Jackets - High performance dog flotation...
  • $21.95

Polka Dot Designer Doggy Life Jacket

Polka Dot Designer Doggy Life Jacket

Product ID : HK9-BP1000

  • Ideal for the pampered pooch
  • Has reflective strips for...
    • $31.95

Nautical Dog Life Vest

Nautical Dog Life Vest

Product ID : HK9-NauticalLifeVest

  • White background with nautical designs
  • Mesh underside...
    • $34.99

Dog Boat Ladder

Dog Boat Ladder

Product ID : DIG-PAW-DogBoatLadder

The Doggy Boat Ladder is great for any dog you want to take out in the...

  • $199.95