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Dog Pillow Beds - Donut Dog Beds

If you are the type of dog owner that loves your dog but, would prefer not to share your bed with them has a solution that will make everyone happy.

Our inventory of dog pillows/beds is one of the largest on the internet. Choose from Bowsers beds constructed from a soft and silky micro-velvet fabric that your dog will love. Our plush fleece dog beds are a fluffy alternative to hard dog crates and wooden dog houses. There are all shapes, sizes and colors of beds to choose from and you can even order a personalized designer bed for your beloved pooch.

If you have a dog that enjoys curling up at the end of the day one of our Donut Dog Beds with dirt and moisture resistant fabric will keep him happy. Perhaps your dog likes to stretch out while he or she sleeps. The Bowsers designer Rectangle Dog Bed accommodates large dogs who like to extend their legs for a relaxing nap. Our beds come with zippered covers so if there is ever an accident it can be easily removed and machine washed to its original long wearing design.

When ordering your dog bed check for the appropriate size and color. Many of our dog beds and pillows are custom made and cannot be returned. Spend some time online and see all the options we have for your dogs sleeping comfort.