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Dog & Owner Gifts - Gift Baskets For Dog and Owner

The best gift is a gift for both dog and owner

We all know someone who has everything they could ever want. So when their birthday or Christmas comes around you are at a loss as to what to get them.

If your someone who has everything happens to have a dog, Pampered Dog Gifts can solve your problem. We put together the most beautiful Dog and Owner baskets in the business. These gift baskets are loaded with snacks and gifts to satisfy pets and their owners.

Uptown Dog & Owner Winter Gift


Product ID : BB-17-A304C

This beautiful winter themed pet lover gift contains goodies for both the...

  • $94.99

Warm Wishes For Dog And Owner Holiday...

warm wishes basket

Product ID : BB-16-A313C

Our Warm Holiday Wishes Gift for Dog and Owner is an awesome way to send a...

  • $57.99

Country Charm Dog & Owner Gift

country Charm

Product ID : BB-A18-325

A sense of country charm abounds in this delightful pet lover gift. A gift...

  • $94.99

Forever Buddies Holiday Care Package

forever buddies gift box

Product ID : BB-17-A803C

Sending a holiday care package for a pet and the owner doesn’t need to...

  • $39.99

Classy Dog & Owner Gift

classy dog and owner

Product ID : BB-17-A305

Send a classy pet lover gift that’s designed for both the dog and the...

  • $99.99

Uptown Dog & Owner Gift


Product ID : BB-17-A304

This beautifully themed pet lover gift contains goodies for both the dog...

  • $94.99

Happy Munching Dog & Owner Holida...

happy munching

Product ID : BB-16-A112C

When sending the right holiday gift is so important; remember they love...

  • $119.99

Valentine Friends Forever Dog and Own...

valentine friends forever dog and owner

Product ID : BB-15-A301V

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your best friend (your pooch) is...

  • $119.99

Sweet Impressions Valentine Dog and O...

sweet impressions valentine basket

Product ID : BB-16-306V

Love the celebration of Valentine’s Day this year with a Valentine gift...

  • $89.99

Many Thanks Dog and Owner Holiday Gif...

many thanks holiday gift basket

Product ID : BB-15-A315C

This holiday season when sending thank you gifts, consider sending a very...

  • $49.95

Holiday Smiles & Wags Dog and Own...

Holiday Smiles & Wags Dog and Owner Gift Basket

Product ID : BB-15-A312C

Need to send a holiday gift for someone who loves their dog? Send them a...

  • $49.95

Biscuits and Cookies Dog & Owner ...

biscuits and cookies

Product ID : BB-15-A318

This bright and fun gift is designed with both the pet and his owner in...

  • $104.99

Happy Munching Dog & Owner Gift

happy munching

Product ID : BB-15-A317

When sending the right gift is so important; remember they love their four...

  • $119.99

Bunny Treats for Dog and Owner Gift B...

easter goodies dog and owner easter

Product ID : BB-17-A320E

This Easter season send an Easter basket filled with treats for both the...

  • $119.99

Goodies for Dog and Owner Gift Basket

goodies for dog and owner

Product ID : BB-15-A309

What can be better than receiving a gift? Sharing it with your favorite...

  • $89.99

Pizza Pals Dog and Owner Holiday Gift...

pizza pal holiday gift

Product ID : BB-13-A308C

Simply adorable! This great family holiday gift is perfect for those...

  • $89.95

Warm Wishes For Dog And Owner Gift

There is no image yet

Product ID : BB-13-A313

Send them a gift they are certain to enjoy by including biscuits for their...

  • $57.99

Pizza For Two Dog and Owner Basket

pizza for tow dow and owner basket

Product ID : BB-13-A307

Simply awesome! A great family gift that is perfect for those families...

  • $89.99

Forever Buddies Dog Gift Basket

forever buddies gift box

Product ID : BB-09-A803

Sending a care package doesn't need to be boring, it needs to be fun! Our...

  • $39.99

Forever Friends Dog & Owner Gift ...

friends forever basket

Product ID : BB-16-A301

We know that a man’s best friend is his dog so why not celebrate the...

  • $119.99

Smiles & Wags Dog and Owner Gift ...

Smiles & Wags Dog and Owner Gift Basket

Product ID : BB-A312

Need to send a gift for someone who loves their dog? Send them a gift...

  • $47.95

Our inventory carries baskets for birthdays and Christmas but, we don’t stop there. Our gift basket staff puts baskets together for almost any occasion. If your friend and his or her dog enjoy gardening we have a Dog and Owner Garden Gift Basket. There is a Forever Friends gift basket, a Doggie and Me Gift Basket and our most beautiful basket the Autumn Harvest Dog and Owner Basket.

For the certain and unfortunate event of a dog’s passing we have a compassionate Dog Lovers Pet Sympathy Basket. This remembrance kit contains a Keepsake sachet, memorial candle, remembrance cards and a Keepsake Photo frame

If you look over our selection of gift baskets and want something you don’t see for your friend and his dog; give us a call or drop us an email. We will put something together that is sure to make everyone happy.