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Dental Herbal Gel

dental herbal gel
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Product ID : DP-HT145
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When used daily, this all natural herbal gel cleans teeth, fights bacteria and freshens breath. The synergy of herbs like prickly ash bark and Echinacea root fight the bacteria that cause bad breath, reduce the risk of gingivitis and promote good oral hygiene. It's also an antimicrobial broad spectrum antiseptic that reduces inflammation of the gums. When applied to your dog's teeth and gums the concentrated herbs in Clean Well Dental Gel coat the gums and teeth to soften plaque and reduce inflammation and damaged tissue.

Take a look at a brand new probiotic spray that makes teeth cleaning a breeze (and improves your dog's oral health)

Clean Well Dental Gel is particularly suited to dogs that need an antimicrobial teeth and gum cleanser. Echinacea, Myrrh gum and Goldenseal Root are natural antimicrobials and will help control infection, while the Bloodroot reduces any inflammation in his mouth. The addition of Peppermint Oil will make breath smell fresh, and ease any pain associated with inflamed gums. This product only contains herbs and does not contain sorbitol as many toothpastes do. Instead it is sweetened with stevia.

You can also use Clean Well Dental Gel as a spot treatment on swollen or red gums, mouth ulcers or abrasions. Just wash your hands, then apply some gel to your finger and gently rub onto the affected area.

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