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Dog Halloween Gifts

Celebrating Halloween with the family pet is becoming more popular. These dog Halloween gifts will add fun to your celebration. Imagine taking Fido trick or treating with the rest of the kids. The expression on your neighbors face when the dog comes up to the door with treat bag in mouth will be priceless.

While candy is not appropriate for your pet, you can treat him to some of these delicious bakery treats made especially for your dog. Made with all natural ingredients and in fun shapes like ghosts and pumpkins and decorated for the season. These halloween dog treats look so good you will be tempted to eat one yourself. Go ahead and try one.

You can also celebrate Halloween with one of our cool Halloween Dog Toys. These Halloween toys include a ghost, witch, devil, black cat, vampire and more. They are sure to give you and your dog a howling good time.

Another popular tradition is the Halloween dog costume. We have over 120 varieties of dog costumes, you will be sure to find one to suit your pets personality. Dress your pooch in one of these unique costumes, or how about a Halloween themed rhinestone collar, they are just beautiful and festive.

Halloween Glitter Bandana
Pumpkin Pup Sweater
Candy Corn Dog Treats
Witch Hat Dog Treats