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Dog Gift Baskets - Pet Gift Baskets

Let your Dog Enjoy a Gift Basket for Every Occasion.

If you are a first time dog owner you never saw it coming; the unexpected pleasure of seeing that dog become part of your family. Never mind how it happened; if it was a ‘he just followed me home, Mommy’ or a mixed breed rescue from a shelter, perhaps a new puppy from a top breeder, the dog has become one of your own.

With year around celebrations for your other family members; make your pet feel like he or she is part of the celebrations with our wide variety of Dog Gift Baskets.

When a member of the family has a birthday; order a Cupcake Craze Dog Treat Gift Basket. That way when everyone else is eating birthday cake your dog can enjoy a cake of his very own.

Are your children still enjoying Easter egg hunt and Easter baskets? Make your dog part of the hunt and have our high quality dog treats in a basket all his own. Just bought a new puppy or your female dog is ready to have pups? Choose from a wide variety of Welcome Puppy baskets for your new arrivals. All new Moms need to be pampered, give the mother of your new puppies a gift basket just for her.

As the winter holidays approach select from several different sizes and styles of dog gift baskets. There are tins of doggie treats, a basket with interactive toys and for those dogs that worry about how they look; we have a spa and top dog gift basket.

For those owners who are healthy eaters, our organic dog food baskets are loaded with nutritious treats so both of you can enjoy the health benefits of naturally produced food.

Here at Pampered Dog Gifts we have almost 100 gift baskets to choose from. Many of them can be ordered in a variety of sizes to suit the size of your dog. Prices range from just under $20 dollars up to $200.

Take some time to browse our selection of gift baskets and other not so necessary things for your dog. You are sure to find a number of items to suit your needs. If there is a holiday or event we have missed; drop us a line and we will put something together just for your special occasion. We have a toll free number and email for you to contact us with any questions or requests.

Holiday Santa Tin of Dog Treats

santa tin

Product ID : SHT-SantaTin

From Shortys Gourmet Treats

This holiday tin is a must-have for...

  • $24.95

Bath Time Dog Gift Basket

bath time basket

Product ID : ANP-BathTime


Most lil ones really hate hearing those...

  • $85.00

Lil Girl Doggie Gift Basket

little girl basket

Product ID : ANP-LilGirl

This basket is for that precious lil girl- for her birthday or to welcome...

  • $59.95

Nitey Nite Doggy Gift Basket

nighty night basket

Product ID : ANP-NiteyNite

Time To Go Nitey Nite

This basket contains

  • A...
    • $76.00

Country Christmas Pet Gift Basket

country christmas

Product ID : ANP-Countrychristmas

Look what Santa left! A basket of toys and yummy treats all for me!!...

  • $82.00

Paw Print Christmas Gift Basket

welcome basket

Product ID : ANP-SantaPaws

Your lil one is going to be so happy on Christmas Morning when he/she sees...

  • $82.00

Merry Christmas Dog and Owner Gift Ba...

dog gone cute christmas basket

Product ID : BB-17-A510C

Holiday pet lover gifts aren’t gift just for the human; our holiday pet...

  • $45.00

Santa Paws Christmas Dog Gift Basket

santa paws

Product ID : GBV-SaPa11

Christmas is going to the dogs.. literally! Any playful pooch would wag...

  • $79.99

Classy Dog & Owner Holiday Gift

classy holiday dog and owner

Product ID : BB-17-A305C

Send a classy holiday pet lover gift that’s designed for both the dog...

  • $89.99

Forever Buddies Holiday Care Package

forever buddies gift box

Product ID : BB-17-A803C

Sending a holiday care package for a pet and the owner doesn’t need to...

  • $39.99

Sporty Dog Christmas Gift Basket

sporty dog christmas gift

Product ID : BB-17-A102C

Dogs are the best - born to run, play and have fun! This sporty holiday...

  • $129.99

Classy Dog & Owner Gift

classy dog and owner

Product ID : BB-17-A305

Send a classy pet lover gift that’s designed for both the dog and the...

  • $89.99

Sporty Dog Gift Basket

sporty dog gift

Product ID : BB-17A-102

Dogs are the best - born to run, play and have fun! This sporty dog gift...

  • $129.99

Happy Halloween Dog Treat Tote

trick or treat

Product ID : SHT-HappyHalloween

From Shortys Gourmet Treats

This mini tote is just perfect! The...

  • $12.95

Snob Pup Gift Basket

friends forever basket

Product ID : BB-17-A107

For that elegant, designer dog that has everything; this Snob Pup Gift...

  • $119.99

Pups Easter Goodies

pups easter goodies

Product ID : BB-17-A109

The Easter Bunny already knows how much Fido loves him… he chases him...

  • $59.99

Bucket Of Love Valentine Dog Treats

bucket of love

Product ID : SHT-BucketOfLove

From Shortys Gourmet Treats

This Valentine's Day gift bucket is...

  • $14.95

Easter Barks and Wags Gift Basket

easter barks and wags

Product ID : BB-A101E

Kids aren’t the only ones who love a good Easter Basket... dogs love...

  • $99.99

Uptown Dog & Owner Gift


Product ID : BB-17-A304

This beautifully themed pet lover gift contains goodies for both the dog...

  • $94.99

Holiday Barks & Wags Dog Gift Basket

hoiday barks and wags

Product ID : BB-14-A101C

This holiday season don’t forget about your faithful companion. Our...

  • $99.99

Holiday Ruffs Dog Gift Basket

holiday ruffs

Product ID : BB-14-A110C

Remembering your favorite canine this holiday season is easy with a gift...

  • $99.95

Dog House Treats Gift Box

dog treats gift box

Product ID : BB-16-A102

This fun and adorable doggy gift is really Fido’s dream come true! A...

  • $52.99

Pooch Heaven Holiday Dog Treat Basket

pooch heaven gift basket

Product ID : BB-16-A128C

This holiday dog gift is filled with everything a dog could ever want…...

  • $109.99

Happy Munching Dog & Owner Holida...

happy munching

Product ID : BB-16-A112C

When sending the right holiday gift is so important; remember they love...

  • $119.99

Baking Cookies Dog Gift Basket

baking cookies

Product ID : AP-BakingCookies

This can be ordered in 3 sizes-to help those that are on a budget


  • $79.95

Football Pet Gift Basket

football basket

Product ID : ANP-Football

This is an ideal gift for the avid football fan and his lil one....

  • $82.95

Pawsitively Delicious Doggy Gift Basket

Pawsitively Delicious Doggy Gift Basket

Product ID : GA-PTPD

Your four-legged friend will "Pawsitively" love this gift basket. Filled...

  • $149.99

Happy Tails Dog Gift Basket

Happy Tails Dog Gift Basket

Product ID : GA-PTHT

Send this unique dog gift basket to your favorite 4-legged friend and they...

  • $45.99

Happy Birthday Darling Girl Gift Basket

birthday boy

Product ID : GA-PTGB

Celebrate Pup’s birthday with this festive basket. She will love her...

  • $70.99

Happy Birthday Charming Boy Gift Basket

birthday boy

Product ID : GA-PTBB

Celebrate Pup’s birthday with this festive basket. He will love his...

  • $70.99

Puppy Love Biscuit Bouquet Dog Treats

puppy love biscuit bouquet

Product ID : BB-16-A104

This adorable Biscuit Bouquet is filled with a dog’s most favorite thing...

  • $69.95

Get Well Soon Gift Tote of Dog Treats

feel better tote

Product ID : SHT-GetWellSoonTote

From Shortys Gourmet Treats

This gourmet cookie box is just...

  • $12.95

Carob Cake Bunnies - Organic Dog Treats

cake bunnies

Product ID : SHT-CarobCakeBunny

From Shortys Gourmet Treats

These doggie cakes are all natural and...

  • $9.95

Organic Easter Treats - Easter Paw-ra...

eater bunnies

Product ID : SHT-EasterPawrade

From Shortys Gourmet Treats

Your dogs will love biting into these...

  • $9.95

Easter Eggs Organic Dog Treats

easter eggs

Product ID : SHT-EasterEggs

From Shortys Gourmet Treats

Your dogs will love biting into these...

  • $9.95

Gift Bag for Dogs

gift bag

Product ID : AP-GiftBag

This affordable little gift bag will let someone know you are thinking of...

  • $22.95

Birthday Girl Dog Gift Basket

birthday girl basket

Product ID : AP-BirthdayGirl


Every lil girl is excited about...

  • $80.00

Boy Dog Gift Basket

lil boy basket

Product ID : AP-BoyBasket

Welcome the new lil one or say Happy Birthday!!

This basket...

  • $80.00

Get Well Doggie Gift Basket

get well basket

Product ID : AP-GetWell

We always feel so terrible when a lil one is ill!! We want to do something...

  • $65.95

Sympathy Pet Gift Basket

sympathy basket

Product ID : AP-Sympathy

Our pets are our family! When we suffer the loss of one it is a family...

  • $59.95

Welcome Lil One Doggie Gift Basket

welcome basket

Product ID : ANP-Welcome

Welcome the new lil one with a basket of toys n treats!

This is...

  • $65.95

Doggie Birthday Gift Basket

birthday basket

Product ID : AP-BirthdayBasket


This basket contains lots of...

  • $82.00

Frisbee and Toys Basket

frisbee and toys

Product ID : AP-FrisbeeToys

This Frisbee and Toys will make an ideal welcome gift for the new lil...

  • $47.00

Frisbee Outdoor Fun Basket

outdoor fun

Product ID : AP-Frisbee

Your lil one will have so much fun on his/her outing with all of these...

  • $45.00

Valentine Friends Forever Dog and Own...

valentine friends forever dog and owner

Product ID : BB-15-A301V

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your best friend (your pooch) is...

  • $119.99

Just For Dogs At The Holidays Gift Ba...

just for dogs for the holidays basket

Product ID : BB-A113C

Nothing says Happy Holidays to a dog better than a holiday gift filled...

  • $59.99

Holiday Sophisticated Dog Gift Basket

sophisticated dog basket

Product ID : BB-A112C

Need to send a dog gift to impress? Our Holiday sophisticated Dog Gift is...

  • $119.95

Holiday Wags Dog Gift Basket

holiday wags gift box

Product ID : BB-A140C

Let the festivities begin for your favorite dog this holiday season! A...

  • $69.99

Holiday Dog Treats Gift Box

holiday dog treats gift box

Product ID : BB-14-A106C

Don’t forget to send your favorite dog his Christmas present. We know...

  • $64.99

Santa Paws Dog Gift

santa paws

Product ID : BB-15-111C

Santa’s coming to town and for this lucky pooch the ole’ man in red is...

  • $109.99

Holiday Fun- Christmas Gift Tote Gift...

holiday fun tote

Product ID : SHT-HolidayFunTote

From Shortys Gourmet Treats

This little tote is just perfect! This...

  • $12.95

Santas Workshop - Christmas Gift Tote...

santas workshop tote

Product ID : SHT-SantasworkshopTote

From Shortys Gourmet Treats

This little tote is just perfect! This...

  • $12.95

Candy Cane Lane - Christmas Gift Tote...

christmas wreath tote

Product ID : SHT-candyCaneLane

From Shortys Gourmet Treats

This little tote is just perfect! This...

  • $12.95

Christmas Wreath - Christmas Gift Tot...

christmas wreath tote

Product ID : SHT-WreathTote

From Shortys Gourmet Treats

This little tote is just perfect! This...

  • $12.95

Holiday Doggy Bag Gift

holiday doggy bag

Product ID : BB-07-A125C

This doggy holiday gift comes inside an adorable paw print tote bag....

  • $42.99

Many Thanks Dog and Owner Holiday Gif...

many thanks holiday gift basket

Product ID : BB-15-A315C

This holiday season when sending thank you gifts, consider sending a very...

  • $49.95

Holiday Friends Forever Dog & Own...

friends forever christmas basket

Product ID : BB-15-A301C

This Christmas season, send the dog lover gift basket that they will be...

  • $89.99

Christmas Goodies for Dog and Owner G...

goodies for dog and owner christmas basket

Product ID : BB-15-A309C

Send a gift the whole family will enjoy with a dog lover’s holiday gift....

  • $79.99

Dog Gone Cute Christmas Gift Basket

dog gone cute christmas basket

Product ID : BB-15-A114C

This Christmas dog gift really is too Dog Gone Cute not to send this year!...

  • $54.99

Doggie Wags Dog Gift Basket

doggie wags gift box

Product ID : BB-14-A140

A beautiful black faux leather container holds this assortment of doggie...

  • $69.99

Biscuits and Cookies Dog & Owner ...

biscuits and cookies

Product ID : BB-15-A318

This bright and fun gift is designed with both the pet and his owner in...

  • $104.99

Happy Munching Dog & Owner Gift

happy munching

Product ID : BB-15-A317

When sending the right gift is so important; remember they love their four...

  • $119.99

Best Pal - Gift Tote Vegetarian All N...

best pal tote

Product ID : SHT-BestPalTote

From Shortys Gourmet Treats

This tote is just perfect for any...

  • $12.95

Take Me Out To The Ball Game Gift Tot...

ball park tote

Product ID : SHT-BallGameTote

From Shortys Gourmet Treats

This tote is just perfect for the...

  • $12.95
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