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Dog Diners - Ceramic Bowls - Placemats - Stainless Steel Bowls

Attractive Dog Diners

When most of us think about feeding a dog, the image that comes to mind is an old scratched up plastic bowl looking like it has seen better days. Those better days are here with Pampered Dog Gifts ‘Dog Diners’.

Each diner has its own unique features and design. Most are stainless steel; a few are ceramic but, all of them are attractive. Our inventory includes small, medium, large and extra large sizes to accommodate all breeds and sizes of dogs. Several of our diners are elevated for those dogs that have trouble swallowing or are arthritic. Many pet owners have beautiful floors that they don’t want to get scratched.

All our dog bowls can either be hand washed or put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The stands merely need to be wiped down with a damp cloth to keep them looking new.

When ordering please check the dimensions of the diner you wish to purchase. If you have a breed of dog with a large snout you may want to get a bigger bowl size to make feeding easier.

Crown Raised Pet Diners
Product ID : CRO-PetDiner
Crown Pet Diners are designed to create an easier and healthier dining...
Vanderpump Monogramme Bowl
Product ID : DP-VandBowl
Your four legged friend will absolutely LOVE to eat and drink out of this...
Bone Single Bowl Raised Diner
Product ID : PSS-RSB3
A clean, circle base single diner constructed of flat wire wrought iron,...
Butterfly Double Diners
Product ID : PSS-RDB7
A traditional style double diner with a butterfly inspired design on its sides.
Baron Triple Bowl Diner
Product ID : PSS-RTB13
Our best selling Baron diner is now available in a triple!
Bone Triple Bowl Diner
Product ID : PSS-RTB2
Noblesse Double Diner
Product ID : PSS-RDB32
Petite Ash Double Diners
Product ID : PSS-RDB34
A simple, elegant diner for cats and tiny dogs.
Austin Mod Double Diner
Product ID : PSS-RDB35L
This hip, modern diner constructed from real hardwood is sure to impress!
Arch Cross Double Diners
Product ID : PSS-RDB40
this simple yet elegant diner adds a noble arch to the best selling Oval...
Four Square Double Diner
Product ID : PSS-RDB42
Pyramid Double Diners
Product ID : PSS-RDB2
Our classic pyramid design, popular for its clean, minimalist look.
Libro Double Diner
Product ID : PSS-RDB25
a modular, block-style spin on our best-selling Baron diners.
Porchside Outdoor Double Diner
Product ID : PSS-RDB26
Arbor Double Diners
Product ID : RDB-27
the Arbor diners blend a natural, tree branch motif with clean, curved lines.
Southern Maple Double Diner
Product ID : PSS-WRDB2
Mesh Double Diners
Product ID : PSS-RDB1
A clean oval shaped diner with a simple cross design on front and back and...
Moretti Double Diners
Product ID : PSS-RDB39
this beautiful modern diner blends the sturdiness of our other tube designs...
Leopard Bone Shaped Ceramic Dog Bowl
Product ID : WP-CC-LeopardBoneBowl
These cool dishes will let pets know you care about them. bowl is shaped like...
Leopard Ceramic Dog Bowl
Product ID : WP-CC-LeopardBowl
These cool dishes will let pets know you care about them. Bowl has leopard...
Black & White Bone Shaped Ceramic Dog Bowl
Product ID : WP-CC-BWBoneBowl
These cool dishes will let pets know you care about them. Bowl is white with...
Black & White Ceramic Dog Bowl
Product ID : WP-CC-BWBowl
These cool dishes will let pets know you care about them. Bowl is white with...
Houndstooth Ceramic Treat Jar
Product ID : WP-CC-HndsthJar
Dogs will love the treats that come from these fine ceramic treat jars with...
Black & White Ceramic Treat Jar
Product ID : WP-CC-BWTreatjar
Dogs will love the treats that come from these fine ceramic treat jars with...
Leopard Ceramic Treat Jar
Product ID : WP-CC-LeopardTreatJar
Dogs will love the treats that come from these fine ceramic treat jars with...
Woof Ceramic Treat Jar
Product ID : WP-CC-WoofTreatJar
Dogs will love the treats that come from these fine ceramic treat jars with...
Solid Surface Mahogany Dog Diner
Product ID : CPB-SSDM
This solid mahogany dog diner has a solid surface top.
Solid Surface Raised Dog Diner
Product ID : CPB-SSD
These diners have a solid ash base that is handcrafted in Maine. It has a...
Baron Double Diner
Product ID : PSS-RDB13
the Baron Double Diner will look great in any home with its steel tube...
Bone Double Pet Diner
Product ID : PSS-RDB3
With its contemporary yet whimsical appearance, the original Bone Double...
Cantilever Double Diner
Product ID : PSS-RDB16
Our one-of-a-kind Cantilever Double Diners look great in modern settings
Chariot Double Diner
Product ID : PSS-RDB19
featuring sleek rectangle design, angle iron legs, crystal non-skid plastic...
Oval Cross Double Diner
Product ID : PSS-RDB8
A simple yet elegant design with curved cross-stitch sides and an oval base
Raised Wooden Diner
Product ID : ZA444
These wooden diners have a rich cherry finish. Heights from 3 3/4 inch to 12...
Regal Double Diner
Product ID : PSS-RDB9
The Regal Double Diner is a simple, elegant, back to the basics design, while...
Seasaw Double Diner
Product ID : PSS-RDB18
a sturdy, beautiful design constructed from heavy duty flat iron. Non-skid...
Tray Top Double Diner
Product ID : PSS-RDB14
A stylish, clean design with sheet metal tray top and heavy duty steel tube...
Vision Indoor Outdoor Diner
Product ID : PSS-RDB17
Our first indoor / outdoor diners, the Vision Double diners fit perfectly in...
Wooden Bone Cut Double Dog Diner
Product ID : PSS-WRDB1
Our classic wooden bone cut diners are back! Made here in the USA with real...
Woodsman Double Diner
Product ID : PSS-RDB20
Our new woodsman diner features an elegant wooden, butcher block style top,...
2 Bowl Traditional Wooden Pet Diners
Product ID : CPB-2BowlTraditional
These raised wooden dog diners are made from solid ash and are available in 4...
3 Bowl Raised Wooden Dog Diner
Product ID : CPB-3BowlDiner
3 Bowl Wooden Pet diners made from solid ash and available in Natural, Cherry...
Raised Wooden Mahogany Pet Diner
Product ID : CPB-MahoganyDiner
Made from solid mahogany, not plywood or veneers.

As with any of our products; if there are questions please send us an email or give us a ring at our toll free number. Dog diners don’t have to be old and ugly looking. Choose one that fits your décor and leave the old ugly dog feeder where it belongs….in the trash.