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Dog Crates

If you have had your plastic dog crate for a while you probably keep it in a back room so no one can see it. Plastic dog crates weren’t made for looks they were made to last. If yours looks like other crates, it is scuffed up, discolored and regardless of how often you wash it, it still looks old and dirty. Those crates have their place and that place is somewhere out of sight. has had unpleasant experiences with plastic dog crates and wants to offer all its customers an alternative. Tastefully handcrafted dog crates made from solid wood. These crates come in a variety of designs and elegant wood that will make you want to show off your dog crate for your guests.

Choose from Mahogany, Solid Ash, Cherry, Walnut and Natural finishes along with decorative details. All of our crates are designed for easy cleaning and are available in several sizes ranging from small to extra large.

When ordering please allow extra time for any custom detailing. The crate will be shipped flat to your door and some assembly will be required.

If you have ever had any disparaging remarks about your dog crate consider a crate that is a step up for both you and your dog. Check out line of well-designed crates you can be proud to show off.


We offer a selection of the finest dog crates and crate pads available