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Dog Halloween Costumes and Outfits - Pet Costumes

dog in costume

Shop our store for dog costumes for your special pet. Pet costumes are perfect for Halloween, Weddings and other special occasions.

Nothing is more adorable than doggies dressed up in cute costumes. Whether you're looking for that perfect Halloween costume or just need a cute costume for your pups special occasion, you will find something here. Shop our selection of dog costumes for your pooch. We have sizes available for large dogs and tiny little dogs too.

Note: No refunds on costumes purchased between 9/1 and 10/31. Please select size carefully. If you need to exchange for a different size, we will be happy to exchange, but we must be notified within 24 hours of delivery. This is necessary to prevent abuse from customers who are attempting to get free costume rental. We are not in the costume rental business.

Narrow Your Search - Popular Dog Costume Categories

These dog costumes are perfect for Halloween or any time you want to dress up your dog in a cute outfit. Whether you are competing in a contest or just to play dress up, one of these costumes is sure to be the perfect fit.

Dog Bat Headpiece Costume
Product ID : RUB-887889
Dog Ghost Headpiece Costume
Product ID : RUB-887885
Dog Pumpkin Headpiece Costume
Product ID : RUB-887890
Dog Vampire Headpiece Costume
Product ID : RUB887888
Dog Skeleton Headpiece
Product ID : RUB-887887
Dog Superman Costume
Product ID : RUB-887892
Anit Lion Dog Costume
Product ID : AP-1077
Black Ghost Dog Sweater
Product ID : DADG-1079
Pumpkin Pup Sweater
Product ID : DADG-1080
Frankenhound Dog Halloween Costume
Product ID : PE-ZW4225
Dog Pink Bunny Coat
Product ID : PE-BunnyCoat
Dog Bumble Bee Costume
Product ID : DD-BCOS-07024
Dog Lion Costume
Product ID : DD-LC-0708
Velvet Boys Santa Suit
Product ID : DD-BSS-090106

While dressing your dog may be cute, please do not force the issue. This only makes your dog fearful. It may take a while for some dogs to adjust to wearing clothes and some dogs may never let you dress them.

If you have a larger dog you can find our list of Large Dog Costumes listed here. These costumes come in sizes for dogs from 1 - 100 lbs. You are sure to find a style for your big dog here. Or if your pooch is very small check out our small dog costumes page. These costumes fit dogs as tiny as 2 lbs.

Our most popular categories for pet costumes include Dog Pirate Costumes for the boy dogs and dog witch costumes for the girls.