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Dog Collars - Pet Dog Collars

Swarovski single row collar
Add a touch of bling to your pets leather collar. This beautiful collar is adorned with a single row of genuine CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Crystals that are hand set closely to add that extra touch. Pictured in White with Multi Random stones, Cotton Candy and Black, both with medium clear crystal stones and back rivets to secure each one..You chose your own colors.
Price: $62.00

Pink Velvet Princess Rhinestone Dog C...

pink velvet princess

Product ID : RHN-76

This beautiful pink collar is 5/8" wide with soft pink velvet ribbon and...

  • $26.95

Ralph Collection Sonoma Dog Collar

cck sonoma collar

Product ID : CCK-SonomaCollar

The Sonoma Dog Collar features in-and-out woven soft Italian leather of...

  • $85.00

The King Dog Collar and Leash

king collar

Product ID : COOP-King

Your pet can celebrate Elvis with this The King collar. This collar...

  • $12.95

The Beach Organic Cotton Collar

the beach

Product ID : VeVi-Beach

This collar is adorned with a super soft organic cotton material of tiny...

  • $17.00

Cupcake Love Organic Cotton Adjustabl...

cupcake Love

Product ID : VeVi-CupcakeLove

This collar is adorned in a super soft pink cotton with colorful cupcakes....

  • $17.00

Hippie Chick Organic Cotton Adjustabl...

hippie chick

Product ID : VeVi-HippieChick

This collar is adorned with a perfect brown hippie style fabric adorned...

  • $17.00

Tangerine Dream - Orange White Polka ...

tangerine dream

Product ID : VeVi-TangerineDream

This collar is perfect for Summer! I love the orange sorbet color with the...

  • $17.00

Sea Spray Organic Cotton Collar

sea spray

Product ID : VeVi-Seaspray

This collar is adorned in a lovely chevron print of white and blue....

  • $17.00

Avery - Hot Pink White Polka Dot Orga...


Product ID : VeVi-Avery

This collar is named for one of our newest customers who designed this fun...

  • $17.00

Bailey Organic Cotton Adjustable Collar


Product ID : VeVi-Bailey

This collar is adorned with a really whimsical colorful and patterned...

  • $17.00

Dixieland Organic Cotton Adjustable C...


Product ID : VeVi-Dixieland

This collar will definitely make your pup look sophisticated! This collar...

  • $17.00

Patriotic Stars Ribbon Collar

stars collar

Product ID : DIG-PR-PatrioticStarCollar

Patriotic Stars collars from Preston are made with durable nylon webbing....

  • $14.95

Christmas Cupcakes Ribbon Dog Collar

christmas cupcake collar

Product ID : MIR-125-123

This fashionable, durable Christmas cupcakes ribbon on 1 in. Nylon Webbing...

  • $12.99

Aqua Santa Ribbon Dog Collar

aqua santa collar

Product ID : MIR-125-039

This fashionable, durable Aqua Santa ribbon on 1 in. Nylon Webbing is...

  • $12.99

Christmas Present Ribbon Dog Collar

christmas present collar

Product ID : MIR-125-128

This fashionable, durable Christmas present ribbon on 1 in. Nylon Webbing...

  • $12.99

Christmas Ornament Ribbon Dog Collar

christmas ornament collar

Product ID : MIR-125-036

This fashionable, durable Christmas Ornament ribbon on 1 in. Nylon Webbing...

  • $12.99

Ugly Sweater Ribbon Dog Collar

ugly sweater collar

Product ID : MIR-125-040

This fashionable, durable ugly sweater ribbon on 1 in. Nylon Webbing is...

  • $12.99

Snowy Owls Ribbon Dog Collar

snowy owls collar

Product ID : MIR-125-115

This fashionable, durable snowy owls ribbon on 1 in. Nylon Webbing is...

  • $12.99

Penguin Ribbon Dog Collar

penguin collar

Product ID : MIR-125-037

This fashionable, durable penguin ribbon on 1 in. Nylon Webbing is perfect...

  • $12.99

Snowman Ribbon Dog Collar

snowman collar

Product ID : MIR-125-124

This fashionable, durable snowman ribbon on 1 in. Nylon Webbing is perfect...

  • $12.99

Christmas Tree Nylon Ribbon Dog Collar

xmastree collar

Product ID : MIR-25-09

This fashionable, durable Christmas Trees Nylon Ribbon Collar Mirage Pet...

  • $7.99

Reindeer Ribbon Dog Collar

reindeer collar

Product ID : MIR-125-038

This fashionable, durable reindeer ribbon on 1 in. Nylon Webbing is...

  • $12.99

Two Row Metallic Crystal Leather Collar

two row metallic leather collar

Product ID : MIR-8332

Two Row Metallic Crystal Leather Collar - a 3/4" wide genuine leather...

  • $30.00

One Row Metallic Crystal Leather Collar

metallic leather collar

Product ID : MIR-8331

One Row Metallic Crystal Leather Collar - a genuine leather collar...

  • $19.99

Wide Confetti Crystal Dog Collar

wide confetti collar

Product ID : MIR-9105

A 1 1/2" wide collar with five rows of mixed colored Czech crystals....

  • $47.99

Mardi Gras Crystal Dog Collar

mardi crystal collar

Product ID : MIR-9104

A 7/8" wide faux leather collar with three rows of mixed colored Czech...

  • $34.99

Clear Crystal Dog Collar

clear crystal collar

Product ID : MIR-9201

A 5/8" wide collar with one row of clear stunning crystals. Collars...

  • $5.99

Personalized Faux Croc Collar

faux croc 2 tier collar

Product ID : MIR-1001C

Faux Croc dog collars. It's all about the Glitz! The Glamour! Their Name...

  • $8.00

Lil Jungle Princess Rhinestone Dog Co...

lil jungle princess collar

Product ID : RHN-LilJunglePrincess

Of all the collars that Pampered Dog Gifts offers this is perhaps the most...

  • $29.95

Cotton Candy Colors Rhinestone Dog Co...

cotton candy colors collar

Product ID : RHN-CottonCandyColors

So many color choices which one would you choose? Regardless of color...

  • $29.95

Cotton Candy Ice Rhinestone Dog Collar

cotton candy ice collar

Product ID : RHN-CottonCandyIce

This collar is 3/8" wide and is made of a metallic pleather. It comes...

  • $29.95

Snakeskin-Python Printed Swarovski Si...

snakeskin crystal leather collar

Product ID : ATC-2204/1A

Include a little dazzle in your dog’s life! Let him wear a beautiful...

  • $50.00

Felix Ribbon Dog Collar

felix collar

Product ID : PM-FD-Felix

The ribbon collar, light green collar with dark green pattern from Flying...

  • $29.95

MARTY Ribbon Dog Collar

marty collar

Product ID : PM-FD-MARTY

The Marty collar, black collar with colorful geometric designs from Flying...

  • $29.95

CJ Ribbon Dog Collar

cj collar

Product ID : PM-FD-CJCollar

The cj collar, colorful striped ribbon collar from Flying Dog. Flying Dog...

  • $29.95

Jessie Dog Collar



The jessie collar, black collar with colorful ellipses from Flying Dog....

  • $29.95

Shelby Dog Collar

shelby collar


The shelby collar, black and aqua checked collar from Flying Dog. Flying...

  • $29.95

GUS Dog Collar

gus collar

Product ID : PM-FD-GUS

The gus collar, black collar with colorful paw prints from Flying Dog....

  • $29.95

St Patricks Over My Rainbow Adjustabl...

over my rainbow collar

Product ID : CUT-RainbowStpatrick

St. Patrick’s Over My Rainbow Dog Collar

This St. Patrick’s...

  • $19.95

Leather Stud Collar for Dogs

studded collar

Product ID : MHU-LDC617

Show off your pups tough guy exterior with this meticulously crafted...

  • $54.99

Brass Stud Leather Collar

brass studded collar

Product ID : MHU-LDC607

This top quality leather collar adorned with real brass pyramids that will...

  • $69.95

Spike & Swarovski Crystal Leather...

leather & crystal studded dog collar

Product ID : MHU-LDC648

This striking collar features an alternating brass spike and Swarovski...

  • $42.99

Leather Spike Dog Collar

leather studded dog collar

Product ID : MHU-LDC619

This top quality black leather collar is adorned with brass, studs and...

  • $54.99

Leather Dog Collar With Brass Pyramids

leather pyramid

Product ID : MHU-SUDESH000

Elegant and sophistication at is best! Made from drum dyed full grain...

  • $54.99

Star in White Flowers Crystal Collars

star in white flowers

Product ID : RHN-StarWhiteFlower10

This pink velvet on nylon rhinestone dog collar is 5/8" wide. It has pink...

  • $34.95

Star Of The Show Aqua Collar

star of show aqua

Product ID : RHN-StarShowAqua

This aqua velvet on nylon rhinestone dog collar is 3/8" wide. It has...

  • $34.95

Pink Starlett in Waterfall Collar

pink starlett waterfall

Product ID : RHN-PinkStarlet

This pink velvet on nylon rhinestone designer dog collar is 3/8" wide....

  • $34.95

Star in Pink Flower Crystal Collar

pink flower collar

Product ID : RHN-StarPinkFlower

This hot pink velvet on nylon rhinestone designer dog collar is 5/8"...

  • $34.95

Diva In Emerald Rhinestone Collar

emerald diva

Product ID : RHN-DivaEmerald

This emerald green velvet on nylon rhinestone designer dog collar is 5/8...

  • $34.95

Topaz Diva Rhinestone Collar

topaz diva

Product ID : RHN-TopazDiva

This gold velvet on nylon rhinestone dog collar is 3/8" wide. It has...

  • $34.95

Rainbow Leather Dog Collar

red leather

Product ID : Bev-RainbowLeather

These beautiful collars are double lined, and stitched with beautiful...

  • $5.99
  • $14.95

Colored Bones Leather Dog Collar

colored bones collar

Product ID : Bev-ColoredBone

This beautiful leather collar is has colored bones on it. Double lined...

  • $5.99
  • $19.95

My Little Velvet Bowtie Dog Collar

velvet bowtie collar

Product ID : RHN-504

This velvet collar is 5/8" wide. It has white crystal rhinestones set in...

  • $21.95

Pink & Aqua Pastel Velvet Rhinest...

pink aqua velvet

Product ID : RHN-503

This stunning AQUA VELVET collar is BIG 1" wide! It has both pink and...

  • $38.95

Lil Christmas Heart & Red Velvet ...

christmas red heart collar

Product ID : RHN-ChristmasHeartRedVelvet

This red velvet collar is 3/8" wide. It has beautiful red and white...

  • $26.95

Christmas Lights and Cheer Rhinestone...

christmas lights & cheer collar

Product ID : RHN-ChristmasLightsCheer

This green velvet collar is 3/8" wide. The little Christmas light charm...

  • $26.95

Christmas Bells & Red Velvet Chri...

christmas bells red velvet collar

Product ID : RHN-XmasBellRedVelvet

This red nylon collar is 3/8" wide and has a red velvet ribbon sewn onto...

  • $26.95

Snowflakes In Blue Christmas Dog Collar

blue snowflake collar

Product ID : RHN-SnowflakeInBlue

This blue snowflake collar is 3/8" wide. It has white Swarovski crystals...

  • $26.95

Black Evening Attire Bowtie Rhineston...

black evening attire collar

Product ID : RHN-210

This black collar is 5/8" wide. It has white Swarovski crystals with a...

  • $26.95

Pink & Gold Rose Velvet Rhineston...

pink & gold rose velvet collar

Product ID : RHN-500

This pink nylon pink velvet collar is 5/8" wide. It has white crystals in...

  • $21.95

My Little Rose in Velvet Rhinestone C...

my little rose collar

Product ID : RHN-501

This nylon + velvet collar is 3/8" wide. It has beautiful crystals in...

  • $21.95

Fluffy Butterfly & Pink Velvet Do...

fluffy pink butterfly collar

Product ID : RHN-490

This hot pink nylon +hot pink velvet collar is 5/8" wide. It has white...

  • $21.95

Velvet Leopard Sparkle Dog Collar

velvet leopard sparkle

Product ID : RHN-489

This sweet collar is velvet sewn onto nylon webbing and is 5/8" wide....

  • $21.95

Halloween Jester Collar

halloween jester collar

Product ID : VT11987

A fun Halloween collar with bells! Black and Orange jester pet collar...

  • $9.95
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These beautiful dog collars are just what your pampered pooch needs for his walk. Make your pooch the envy of the neighborhood with one of these beautiful pet dog collars. Select from leather, swarovski crystal, spiked, jeweled collars and more.

We have over 200 collars to choose from.

Check out our beautiful leather collars from Paco Collar Collection, these are our finest leather dog collars.

Please measure your dog carefully before ordering. Any return item on collars will be handled in a fair manner, but we reserve the right to refuse a return based on incorrect measurements