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Dog Collar Charms - Pet ID Tags

Put a Little Glitz and Glamour in Your Dog’s Life

There is no better way to express your dog’s personality than with a dog charm. Pampered Dog Gifts’ array of charms offers a tribute to every personality and attitude a dog can have

Every charm in our nearly 70 charm collection has a D ring or lobster claw clasp to make it easy to attach to your dogs collar. All are reasonably priced so order one dog charm for every occasion. Our inventory includes every day charms, diva charms, holiday charms all in eye catching colors, sizes and shapes. They are robust enough to withstand all a dog puts them through; rain, puddles and every day wear and tear that will resist rust even if you have a dog that loves the water.

Some of our more elegant selections include a prince and princess motif with beautiful crystal rhinestones inlaid in a bone shaped charm. There are purse charms, diamond ring charms and even a crown charm for those feel they are deserving of royal treatment.

Our collection includes charms for nearly every holiday. We have a variety of Christmas charms including trees, stockings and candy canes just to name a few. There are four leaf clovers to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day, Patriotic themed charms for Independence Day and Teddy Bears and Butterflies for the puppies. Those dogs that enjoy the beach we have sandal charms that can withstand the surf and salty air. These charms are just the right size; large enough to be seen and small enough not to get tangled up in long hair and fur. Many of our charms are attractive enough to be attached to a woman’s charm bracelet. Show all who care to look how much your dog means to you

For the dogs that would prefer not to wear anything too fancy our inventory includes dog tags that can be engraved on the back for your pet’s identification.

Crown Dog Collar Charm

 crown charm

Product ID : PDG-CrownCharm

Whether your dog thinks they are a spoiled little prince or princess or...

  • $5.99

Crystal Bone Slide Charm

crystal bone slide

Product ID : PDG-BoneSlide

Crystal bone charms slide on to your pets collar. Add some bling to your...

  • $3.99

Crystal Skull Slide Charm

slide crystal skull

Product ID : PDG-SlideSkull

Crystal slide skull charms fit 1/2" slide collars. Available in clear,...

  • $3.99

Crystal Paw Slide Charm

slide crystal flower

Product ID : DG-PawSlider

10MM Swarovski Crystal Designer Slide Paw charm! Sure to add a lot of...

  • $3.99

Solid Crystal Star Slide Charm

solid star slide

Product ID : PDG-SolidStarSlide

10MM Swarovski Crystal Designer Crystal Star Slide charm! Sure to add a...

  • $5.99

Crystal Heart In Bone Slide Charm

heart in bone charm

Product ID : PDG-SlideHeartBone

Crystal bone charms with crystal heart in the center. These charms slide...

  • $5.99

Silver Flower with Crystal Charm

flower with crystal

Product ID : PDG-MetalFlowerCharm

Stylish silver flower charms with crystal center. They easily clip onto...

  • $3.00

CrystalHeart Slide Charm

slide crystal heart

Product ID : BN-HeartSlider

10MM Swarovski Crystal Designer Solid Heart charm! Sure to add a lot of...

  • $3.99

Texas Dog Collar Charm

texas charm

Product ID : PDG-HeartTexas

This adorable Texas charm has clear crystals surrounding it and a red...

  • $7.95

Crystal Maltese Cross Charm

crystal maltese cross

Product ID : PDG-MalteseCrossCharm

Crystal maltese cross charms are a beautiful additoinal for that spicy...

  • $1.99
  • $5.99

Dangle Slide Crown On Bone Charm

dangle slide crown on bone

Product ID : PDG-DangleCrownOnbone

Crystal crown on bone charms slide on to your pets collar. The crown and...

  • $5.99

Dangle Slide Heart Charm

dangle slide heart

Product ID : PDG-DangleHeart

15 genuine swarovski crystals in each charm (13 in the heart and 2 clear...

  • $5.99

Slide Crystal Crown Charm

slide crown

Product ID : PDG-SlideCrystalCrown

Crystal crown charms slide on to your pets collar. Add some bling to your...

  • $3.99

Dangle Slide Paw Charm

dangle slide paw

Product ID : PDG-DangleSlidePaw

13 genuine swarovski crystals in each charm (11 in the paw and 2 clear on...

  • $5.99

Dangle Slide Crown Charm

dangle slide crown

Product ID : PDG-DangleSlideCrown

Crystal crown charms slide on to your pets collar. The crown dangles from...

  • $5.99

Crystal Paw Print Charm

paw charms

Product ID : PDG-PawPrintCharm

Pawprint Charms feature 9 rhinestones each, for plenty of sparkle. The...

  • $4.95

Aria Crystal Apple Charm

crystal apple charm

Product ID : ARIA-Apple

Cute dog collar charm in the shape of an apple. This beautiful charm is...

  • $3.00

Auto Crystal Dog Collar Charm

blue auto charm

Product ID : DT81719_23

Rhinestone-studded Auto Charms come in two colors (clear and blue)....

  • $3.00

Baby Phat Charm

baby phat charm

Product ID : PDG-BabyPhat

Baby Phat Crystal pendant. Clear crystal set in a rhodium silver finish -...

  • $9.99

Bite Me ID Tag Charm

bite me tag

Product ID : PDG-BiteMe

This adorable charm has Bite Me engraved on the front. Rhodium plated tag...

  • $3.00

Crystal Cherry Dog Charm

cherry charm

Product ID : FF-Cherry

This charm is made from beautiful Czech Crystals. It looks stunning on...

  • $6.99

Crystal Circle D Ring Charm

crystal circle charm

Product ID : FF-Circle

This circle charm is made from beautiful Czeck Crystals. It is also lead...

  • $7.99

Crystal Circle Dog Collar Charm

clear circle charm

Product ID : ARIA-Circle

Circle Charms feature a clear and decorative rhinestone center.

  • $3.00

Crystal Dog House Dog Collar Charm

red doghouse charm

Product ID : BG-CrystalDoghouse

This crystal dog house charm is beautiful. Each charm is shaped like a...

  • $12.00

Crystal Double Heart Slide Charm

slide crystal heart

Product ID : BN-CrystalDoubleHeartSlide

10MM Swarovski Crystal Designer Slide Heart charm! Sure to add a lot of...

  • $3.99

Crystal Flower D Ring Charm

multi color flower

Product ID : LB-Flower

p>This gorgeous multi colored crystal flower shaped charm is sure to add a...
  • $4.99

Crystal Flower Slide Charm

slide crystal flower

Product ID : BN-CrystalFlowerSlide

18 MM Swarovski Crystal Designer Slide Flower charm! Sure to add a lot of...

  • $3.99

Crystal Paw Print Pet ID Tag

Jeweled Bone Pet ID Tag

Product ID : AS-PawPrint

TAGS Embellished with SWAROVSKI(tm) CRYSTALS.

These Paw Print tags...

  • $68.95

Crystal Purse D Ring Charm

crystal purse charm

Product ID : FF-CrystalPurse

This purse charm is made from beautiful Czeck Crystals. It is also lead...

  • $6.99

Crystal Teddy Bear D Ring Charm

crystal teddy bear charm

Product ID : FF-CrystalTeddy

This teddy bear charm is made from beautiful Czeck Crystals. It is also...

  • $7.99

Crytal Heart Crown Dog Collar Charm

crystal heart crown charm

Product ID : PDG-HeartCrown

This red crystal heart with crown charm is just beautiful. The large...

  • $5.99

Daisy Collar Charm

daisy charm

Product ID : LUX-Daisy

This daisy charm is made for a romp in the park! Nickel plated with pink...

  • $6.95

Dior Tag Collar Charm

dior tag

Product ID : PDG-DiorTag

Mommy and me Dior Tag pendant. Great charm for the Mommy and pet. Tag has...

  • $9.99

Dog Bowl and Bone Charm

dog bowl bone charm

Product ID : LUX-BowlBone

Miniature dog bowl/bone combo. Nickel plated with pink Austrian crystal in...

  • $6.99

Fancy Star Dog Collar Charm

fancy star

Product ID : PDG-Fancystar

This star charm has 7 pink and 15 clear crystals in it. 3 clear crystal at...

  • $5.00

Horseshoe Slide Dog Collar Charm

slide horseshoe

Product ID : PDG-HorseshoeSlide

10MM Swarovski Crystal Horseshoe slide charm! Sure to add a lot of BLING...

  • $3.99

Little Angel ID Tag Charm

little angel tag

Product ID : PDG-LittleAngel

This adorable charm has Little Angel engraved on the front. Rhodium plated...

  • $3.00

Luxe Lite Dog House Collar Charm

dog house charm

Product ID : LUX-DogHouse

Home Sweet Home....Dog house collar charm with a clear crystal atop the...

  • $6.95

Luxe Lite Fire Hydrant Charm

fire hydrant charm

Product ID : LUX-FireHydrant

This comical charm is a must for dog lovers. The cute fire hydrant charm...

  • $6.99

Mommys Angel ID Tag Charm

mommys angel tag

Product ID : PDG-MommysAngel

This adorable charm has Mommys Angel engraved on the front. Rhodium plated...

  • $3.00

Mommys Boy ID Tag Charm

mommys boy tag

Product ID : PDG-MommysBoy

This adorable charm has Mommys Boy engraved on the front. Rhodium plated...

  • $3.00

Mommys Girl ID Tag Charm

mommys girl tag

Product ID : PDG-MommysGirl

This adorable charm has the phrase Mommys Girl engraved on the front....

  • $3.00

Pampered Pooch ID Tag Charm

pampered pooch

Product ID : PDG-PamperedPooch

This adorable charm has the phrase Pampered Pooch engraved on the front....

  • $3.00

Party Hat Dog Collar Charm

party hat charm

Product ID : PDG-PartyHat

Cute dog collar charm in the shape of a party hat. Contains pink...

  • $4.99

Pewter Diva Heart Charm

diva charm

Product ID : BPD-Divaheart

Diva Heart Pewter Charm from Big Paw Designs (TM). Made in the USA!

  • $9.95

Pewter Rescued Bone Charm

rescued charm

Product ID : BPD-RescueBone

Rescued Bone Pewter Charm from Big Paw Designs (TM). Made in the USA!

  • $9.95

Pink Slide Skull Dog Collar Charm

slide skull

Product ID : BN-PinkBlackSlideSkull

High Gloss Enamel & Swarovski Crystal Skull Slide! Fits on 10MM slide...

  • $3.99

Slide Butterfly Dog Collar Charm

slide butterfly white

Product ID : PDG-SlideButterfly

This beautiful butterfly slide charm has Swarovski Crystals and High Gloss...

  • $3.99

Spoiled Rotten ID Tag Charm

spoiled rotten tag

Product ID : PDG-SpoiledRotten

This adorable charm has Spoiled Rotten engraved on the front. Rhodium...

  • $3.00

Umbrella Crystal Charm

umbrella charm blue

Product ID : DT81619-81623

Cute umbrella charms embeded with rhinestones. Umbrella charms are...

  • $3.00

Unity Dog Collar Charms

unity charms

Product ID : Dog-UnityCharm

These designer dog collar charms will allow your pet to show off his...

  • $7.95

Wild Bone Dog Collar Charm

jungle charm

Product ID : BN-WildBone

\t Bring out your dog's wild side with these charms. They easily clip...

  • $7.95

Clover Dog Collar Charm

blue clover charm

Product ID : VP-Clover

Clover crystal charms. Hefty construction, hand and prong set stones....

  • $3.00

Cowboy Hat Slide Charm

cowboy hat slide

Product ID : PDG-CowboyHatSlide

This beautiful 10MM cowboy hat slide charm has 4 crystals. This is a...

  • $3.99

Crystal Flower Poodle Dog Collar Charm

crystal flower poodles charm

Product ID : PDG-FlowerPoodle

Style and flair - the retro poodle charm. This fluffy retro poodle charm...

  • $5.99

Crystal Poodle Dog Collar Charm

crystal poodles charm

Product ID : PDG-CrystalPoodle

Two tone crystal poodle charms. 24 colored rhinestones adorn this...

  • $3.99

Crystal Snake Slide Charm

crystal snake slide

Product ID : PDG-SlideSnake

This beautiful 10MM crystal snake slide charm has 17 crystals. Available...

  • $3.99

Crystal Star Dog Collar Charm

crystal star charms

Product ID : PDG-CrystalStar

This star charm has 6 crystals in it, one for each point of the star and...

  • $3.99

Dior Bag Collar Charm

dior bag

Product ID : PDG-DiorBag

Gorgeous Dior bag pendant. Great charm for your spoiled pets collar. Carm...

  • $7.99

Dior Dice Collar Charm

dior dice

Product ID : PDG-DiorDice

Designer Dior Dice Charm. Six sided charm, each number area has a crystal...

  • $7.99

Dog Breed ID Tag Charm

beagle tag

Product ID : PDG-BreedTags

This adorable charm has clear crystals surrounding it and a red crystal...

  • $3.00

Double Sided Star of David Charm

star of david blue

Product ID : BN-DoubleStarDavid

Swarovski Crystal & Enamel Star of David! All pendants are DOUBLE-SIDED,...

  • $9.95

Elephant Dog Collar Charm

elephant charm

Product ID : VP-Elephant

Elephant dog collar charm is constructed of rust resistant tin-nickle...

  • $3.00

Flower With Red Crystal Charm

flower with red crystal

Product ID : VP-FlowerRedCrystal

Flower charm with red crystal center. Hefty construction, hand and prong...

  • $3.00
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Any questions that arise about the charms and tags can be answered by our helpful customer service representative. Give us a call at our toll free phone number or shoot us an email and we will get your inquiries answered in a timely manner.

All of us at Pampered Dog Gifts understand how important your dog is to you and your family’s quality of life. Never worry about going the extra step to spoil your dog; we do on a daily basis.