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Dog Carriers - Pet Strollers

dog in carrier

Gone are the days of the ugly, cold, steel gray dog carriers. These days the miniature, toy and tea cup breeds have got it made. Pampered Dog Gifts has a variety of functional yet fashionable dog carriers that coordinate with your wardrobe and your lifestyle.

When most people conger up an image of a dog carrier, it is usually one of those big ugly scratched up heavy plastic boxes with the not so attractive wire windows. If you have a smaller breed of dog; you and your pet can step out in style where ever you go.

Take a look at Pampered Pets two dozen plus styles of dog carriers. If you decide to go with a purse or pocketbook type carrier you might have to get a pair of matching shoes. Check out the Peaches and Cream or Sophie’s Choice Pet Carrier. Each of these totes has zippered entrances with plenty of ventilation. Each has an inside leash to keep your pet safe and secure and both are easy to get clean and keep clean.

Our other options of pet carriers you don’t even have to carry. Our Sport Pet Stroller allows you to push your dog along just like a baby. Some operate as backpacks and others roll along behind you as if you were carrying luggage.

Promenade Pet Stroller
Product ID : WP-G7-G2340
Regal Pet Stroller
Product ID : WP-G7-G2320
Microvelvet Car Booster Seat
Product ID : Bow-Booster
Deluxe Pet Car Booster Seat
Product ID : HK9-DeluxeBooster
Sporty Pet Bicycle Basket
Product ID : HK9-85004
Buddy Pet Bicycle Basket
Product ID : HK9-85002
Reversible Sherpa Sling Pet Carrier
Product ID : HK9-ZA3947
Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket
Product ID : SOLV62330
Wicker Pet Bicycle Basket
Product ID : PM-SOL-WickerBasket
All Terrain Pet Stroller
Product ID : PG-8350
Backpack Pet Carrier
Product ID : OH-2506
Dog Car Booster Seat
Product ID : OH-2478-76
Expedition Pet Stroller For Large Dogs
Product ID : PG-8800
I GO 2 Sport Roller Backpack
Product ID : PG-1210
I-GO2 Escort Roller Backpack
Product ID : PG-1230
I-GO2 Traveler Roller Backpack
Product ID : PG-1240
Special Edition Pet Stroller
Product ID : PG-8250
Walk N Roll Pet Stroller Navy
Product ID : OH-00646
Eco Friendly Pet Tote
Product ID : SN-85902

Most of our dog carriers will ship within 72 hours from the time you place your order. Each carrier has its own collection of bells and whistles. Feel free to contact our customer service department if there are any questions.

There will be no more excuses to leave your beloved pet behind. Find the carrier that suits both of you and see the world.