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Dog Apparel - Clothes For Dogs

Dog apparel lets your dog show off his and your sense of style. Whether your dog is strutting his stuff around town or just relaxing at home, he wants to be dressed in the latest designer fashions. For everyday or those special occasions when your dog needs to look his best, get him something that will show how special he is. These adorable sweaters, coats and t-shirts are sure to fit your pets lifestyle.

Help keep your precious pooch warm in winter with a stylish coat or sweater. Here you will find something to fit every budget and taste.

Browse the categories below for more clothes for dogs. Adorable designer dog dresses, sweaters, shirts and more for your prince or princess that are sure to turn heads.

Scorpion Pet Costume
Luau Dog Costume
Mia Party Dog Dress
Dog Sailor Day Dress
Dog Lion Pajamas
Pet Clothes Hangers
Old Glory Flag Dog Bandana
Hearts Dog Sweater
LED Wreath Holiday Collar
Jason Voorhees Dog Costume
Cleopatra Dog Costume
King Mutt Dog Costume
Despicable Me Minion Pet Costume
Holiday Santa Hat for Dogs
Twinkling Star Holiday Dog Sweater
Dog Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume
Halloween Glitter Bandana
Mexican Serape Dog Costume
Whoopie Cushion Dog Costume
Crayola Crayon Dog Costume
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Much of the pet clothing that we carry is made by hand to order. Please measure your pet carefully before ordering. Measurement instructions are included with each line of clothing. Refunds are gladly accepted if items are damaged or inconsistent with descriptions found on this site.