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Dog Apparel - Clothes For Dogs

Dog apparel lets your dog show off his and your sense of style. Whether your dog is strutting his stuff around town or just relaxing at home, he wants to be dressed in the latest designer fashions. For everyday or those special occasions when your dog needs to look his best, get him something that will show how special he is. These adorable sweaters, coats and t-shirts are sure to fit your pets lifestyle.

Help keep your precious pooch warm in winter with a stylish coat or sweater. Here you will find something to fit every budget and taste.

Browse the categories below for more clothes for dogs. Adorable designer dog dresses, sweaters, shirts and more for your prince or princess that are sure to turn heads.

Red Ruffin It Dog Snow Suit Harness

red snow suit

Product ID : DD-64943

This Doggie Design TOP of the Line Red Dog Snow Suit is Pure Quality in...

  • $37.95

Zack & Zoey Shimmer Nights Whitne...

white shimmer dress

Product ID : PE-UM8739

This beautiful dress from Zack and Zoey® is simply stunning, with a look...

  • $29.99

Flamingo and Palm Tank Dog Dress

flamingo and palm dress

Product ID : DD-FPDR

This flamingo and palm designer dress has a soft pink cotton tank with...

  • $29.99

Pink Poodle Designer Dog Dress

pink poodle dress

Product ID : DD-Pinkpoodle

This pink poodle designer dress has a red and black striped body and a...

  • $29.99

Red Polka Dot Balloon Designer Dog Dress

polka dot designer dress

Product ID : DD-BDR

This red polka dot dress is so adorable. All our New Spring 2016 Dresses...

  • $29.99

Turquoise Gingham Flower Dog Dress

turquoise gingham dress

Product ID : DD-TGFDR

Our Designer Dresses are one of a kind and fashion forward, featuring...

  • $29.99

Lavender Polka Dot Mermaid Dog Dress

polka dot lavender dress


This adorable polka dot lavender dress has a 3 layered skirt, bow and...

  • $29.99

Pink Striped Dog Dress

pink striped dress


This adorable couture dress has a super soft pink cotton top and pink and...

  • $29.99

Santas Elf Dog Costume

santas elf

Product ID : PUP-0125-SE

This two piece Santa's Elf is a two legged costume with matching hat. It...

  • $32.00

Harlequin Mardi Gras Dog Costume

mardi gras costume

Product ID : PUP-0129-HQ

Two piece Harlequin Mardi Gras costume, includes purple, green and gold...

  • $34.00

Holly Christmas Dog Dress

holly christmas dress

Product ID : PUP-0125-HCD

This is a two piece costume with a lace petticoat dress and bonnet. In red...

  • $32.00

Bone Apetite Chef Dog Costume

chef costume

Product ID : PUP-0129-BAC

This two-piece chef dog costume includes a white four legged uniform with...

  • $34.00

Alpine Boy Octoberfest Dog Costume

beer maiden

Product ID : PUP-0129-APB

Happy Oktoberfest! This Premium two piece costume includes lime green...

  • $29.95

Alpine Girl Bavarian Beer Maiden Costume

beer maiden

Product ID : PUP-0129-APR

Bavarian Beer maiden is dressed up in a two piece lime green corset top,...

  • $29.95

Ragdoll Boy Dog Coustme

ragdoll costume

Product ID : PUP-0129-RDB

Two piece costume includes Royal Blue pants costume with attached check...

  • $28.95

Doctor Barker Dog Costume

doctor barker

Product ID : PUP-0129-DRB

Doctor recommended and board approved, this two piece premium Doctor...

  • $28.95

Sweetheart Nurse Dog Costume

sweetheart nurse

Product ID : PUP-0129-SHN

This two-piece Sweetheart Nurse Costume is adorable with the red and white...

  • $28.95

Ragdoll Girl Dog Coustme

ragdoll costume

Product ID : PUP-0129-RDG

Rag Doll Girl costume is a two piece costume with a petticoat polka dot...

  • $28.95

Hawiian Bucket Hat For Dogs

hawaiian bucket hat

Product ID : PAMP-01Hawaii

Hawaiian Hat Bucket style Pet Hats. These bright bucket style hats are...

  • $12.99

Scorpion Pet Costume

scorpion costume

Product ID : PE-UM4158

Not for the faint hearted, this Scorpion Pet Costume is guaranteed to give...

  • $14.99
  • $29.99

Luau Dog Costume

luau costume

Product ID : RUB-885932

Summer has arrived and your dog wants to look the part for the next luau...

  • $9.95
  • $18.95

Pink Cowgirl Dog Costume

cowgirl costume

Product ID : PUP-0129-CG

Soft Pink and white Polyester and cotton, fabric, this costume is highly...

  • $38.00

Mia Party Dog Dress

mia party dress

Product ID : PO-PMPD

Sweet party dress with jersey top, rhinestones, rosette bows, ruffles and...

  • $34.00

Sydney Party Dog Dress

sydney party dress

Product ID : PO-PYPD

Sweet party dress with jersey top, rhinestones, rosette bows, ruffles and...

  • $34.00

Dog Sailor Day Dress

sailor day dress

Product ID : PO-PADS

Nautical jersey dress with silk-screening, bow and rhinestone details and...

  • $33.99

Dog Lion Pajamas

lion pajamas

Product ID : PO-LionPJ

Cozy pajamas with bib and embroidery details. 80% cotton, 20% polyester....

  • $37.99

Pink Ribbon Dog Costume

pink ribbon

Product ID : MOR-GC-5213

One piece around the neck pink ribbon costume.

  • $19.95

Colorful Dog Sombrero Hats

dog sombrero pampet

Product ID : PAMP-Sombrero

Sombreros with firm shape are the traditional Mexican designs in miniature...

  • $18.00

Wooden Pet Clothes Hangers

wooden hangers

Product ID : PUP-WoodenHangers

These hangers were specifically designed for small dog clothing. The...

  • $4.95

Satin Pet Clothes Hangers 3 Pk

satin hangers

Product ID : PUP-SatinHangers3

These attractive hangers are great for your pets fine clothing! Sizes:...

  • $15.00

Set of Plastic Pet Clothes Hangers

plastic hanger packs

Product ID : PUP-PlasticHangers

Packed in a set of 12, our hangers are shaped to fit dog clothing without...

  • $12.95

Pet Clothes Hangers

pink/blue hangers

Product ID : PUP-04Ch

These hangers were specifically designed for small dog clothing. The...

  • $4.39

The Walking Dead Walker Bait Dog TShirt

daryls wings shirt

Product ID : COOP-TWD217-20

If you're getting chased by zombies, let's face it, you'll throw them your...

  • $19.95

Old Glory Flag Dog Bandana

old glory bandana

Product ID : PDG-OldGloryBandana

Dress up your all-American dog...

  • $1.00
  • $3.99

Hearts Dog Sweater

heart sweater

Product ID : DADG-1137

How cute is this..... a darling hot pink hearts sweater. Machine wash and...

  • $24.95

Elvis Presley Jumpsuit Dog Shirt

elvis jumpsuit shirt

Product ID : EE-CRCE156

Have your beloved canine show your love for Elvis with this Elvis Presley...

  • $21.99

Elvis Presley Love Me Tender Dog TShirt

elvis shirt

Product ID : EE-CRCE160

Have your beloved canine show your love for Elvis with this Elvis Presley...

  • $21.99

LED Wreath Holiday Collar

wreath collar

Product ID : KWH-KC02969

Christmas Collar Wreath accessories for dogs featuring red and green...

  • $2.99
  • $9.99

Little Leprechaun Girl Dog Costume

leprechaun girl

Product ID : PUP-0129-LPG

Those Irish eyes are smiling at this little girl. Includes detailed...

  • $29.95

Little Leprechaun Boy Dog Costume

leprechaun boy

Product ID : PUP-0129-LPB

Those Irish eyes are smiling at this little guy. The one piece suit is...

  • $29.95

Jason Voorhees Dog Costume

jason voorhees costume

Product ID : RUB-580053

Beware of the vengeful Voorhees lookalike on Halloween as your dog parades...

  • $7.99
  • $16.95

Cleopatra Dog Costume


Product ID : PUP-0129-CP

Sheik and elegant this soft cotton and polyester costume will impress all...

  • $38.00

King Mutt Dog Costume

king mutt

Product ID : PUP-0129-KM

Royalty at its finest. This cotton and polyester body is trimmed with...

  • $38.00

Shark Halloween Dog Costume

shark costume

Product ID : PE-ZW6343

Now this is a Halloween costume your dog can really sink its teeth into....

  • $21.99

Despicable Me Minion Pet Costume

despicable me

Product ID : RUB-887800

Assemble the minions! World domination cannot be achieved as long as the...

  • $14.99
  • $21.99

American Beauty Dog Tank

american beauty tank

Product ID : DIG-ISS-AmericanBeauty

An instant classic to show off your American Beauty. Made of soft cotton...

  • $22.99

Holiday Santa Hat for Dogs

santa hat

Product ID : VT-SantaHat

Holiday Santa Hat - Don your pet with this festive holiday hat. He or she...

  • $1.49
  • $9.99

Plush Puppies LED Antlers Headband fo...

led holiday antlers

Product ID : KY-LEDAntlers

This year, we're helping dogs join in the holiday cheer. Featuring an...

  • $1.99
  • $10.99

Twinkling Star Holiday Dog Sweater

led star sweater

Product ID : PE-ZM6615

This twinking star dog sweaters are made from comfortable acrylic with...

  • $2.99
  • $18.99

Dog Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume

marshmallow man costume

Product ID : RUB-887866

Who you gonna call? The Marshmallow Man, of course. We're not sure if...

  • $7.99
  • $16.95

Dog Bat Headpiece Costume

bat headpiece

Product ID : RUB-887889

Includes Bat Headpiece, 4 paw cuffs.

  • Costume hat and...
    • $5.99

Dog Ghost Headpiece Costume

ghost headpiece

Product ID : RUB-887885

Includes Ghost Headpiece, 4 paw cuffs.

  • Costume hat and...
    • $5.99

Dog Pumpkin Headpiece Costume

pumpkin headpiece

Product ID : RUB-887890

Includes Pumpkin Headpiece, 4 paw cuffs.

  • Costume hat and...
    • $5.99

Dog Vampire Headpiece Costume

vampire headpiece

Product ID : RUB887888

Includes Vampire Headpiece, 4 paw cuffs.

  • Costume hat and...
    • $5.99

Dog Skeleton Headpiece

skeleton headpiece

Product ID : RUB-887887

Includes Headpiece, 4 paw cuffs.

  • Costume hat and matching...
    • $5.99

Halloween Glitter Bandana

glitter bandana

Product ID : RUB-886561

Black Bandana with Glitter Halloween Designs or Pumpkins


  • $1.99
  • $5.99

Witch Hat Dog Costume

witch hat costume

Product ID : VT-WitchHat

Felt witch hat with green felt hair and buckle. Hat measures approx. 6"...

  • $8.99

Frankenstein Headpiece Dog Costume

frankenstein headpiece costume

Product ID : VT-FrankensteinHeadpiece

Scary frankenstein headpiece dog costume for Halloween. Velcro closing at...

  • $8.99

Pink Supergirl Dog Costume

pink supergirl comic costume

Product ID : RUB-887839

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Supergirl! Your superdog will love...

  • $21.95

Brown Plaid Classic Dog Coat Harness ...

brown plaid coat

Product ID : DD-BTFFC

Harness style with velcro neck and chest closures. It comes with matching...

  • $29.95

Pink Plaid Classic Dog Coat Harness w...

pink plaid coat

Product ID : DD-PPFFC

Harness style with velcro neck and chest closures. It comes with matching...

  • $29.95

Mexican Serape Dog Costume

mexican sarape costume

Product ID : RUB-887817

Ay, caramba, muy bonito! Let the fiesta begin, we're going Mexican style!...

  • $4.99
  • $10.99

Whoopie Cushion Dog Costume

whoopie cushion costume

Product ID : RAS-5007

This costume includes a one piece bodysuit.


  • $7.99
  • $18.99

Crayola Crayon Dog Costume

blue crayola crayon

Product ID : RAS-Crayola

This cosutme incoludes a crayon bodysuit and a hat. This is an officially...

  • $9.99
  • $21.99
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Much of the pet clothing that we carry is made by hand to order. Please measure your pet carefully before ordering. Measurement instructions are included with each line of clothing. Refunds are gladly accepted if items are damaged or inconsistent with descriptions found on this site.