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Designer Dog Beds - Fancy Dog Beds

What does your dog sleep on or in now? Does she sleep with you in your bed? Does he sleep on the cold kitchen floor? Allow your dog to sleep in absolute comfort in his or her own bed. Pampered Dog Gifts stocks over 30 designer beds in all sizes and colors. So comfortable you might be envious.

One of our best sellers is the Microvelvet Donut Dog Bed. This bed is our most versatile model. It can be ordered in any size from XS to XL and customers can select from over 75 different colors. It is made of sturdy velvet that stands up to dozens of machine washings.

We have other beds that are very practical and some that are extremely extravagant. Our Little Red Barn Dog doubles as a bed is popular with city slickers and farm dwellers alike. With mesh window panels for adequate ventilation your dog can relax all day long in his comfortable Barn Bed.

Our staff’s personal favorite has to be the Plush ‘Furrari’ Dog Bed. Resembling the actual automobile it is embellished with head and tail lights and its own license plate. Every dog in the neighborhood will want a chance to sit in its soft and roomy bed. With two head rests; your dog just might invite a friend.


Not all of our dog beds come in all sizes and some beds may take longer to ship. Each product page has a drop down box showing all its options. If there are any questions phone us on our toll free number or drop us an email we will be glad to help