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Christmas Dog Toys - Holiday Dog Toys

christmas dog toys

Christmas is for everyone; even Fido

Dogs have a sixth sense. They can detect fear, sadness, happiness and most of all excitement. If you have small children that are looking forward to Christmas morning; then your dog will be looking forward to it also.

Make sure your pet has more to play with than just wrapping paper and bows. Get him or her any one of Pampered Dog Gifts Christmas toys. Our inventory has nearly 50 different toys made for all sizes of dogs and all sizes of budgets.

If you have a puppy or smaller breed of dog; start small with one of our Santa’s Little Yelpers. As small as 5” these little pals create hours of fun for all your little furry ones.

Having a smart dog can be both a joy and a challenge. For Christmas; have your dog doing the smarty pants dance with our selection of interactive Christmas toys. He or she will spend time and energy as well as brain power on one of our plush interactive toys. Designed to build problem solving skills and battle monotony these burrowing busy boxes will get a keep your dog’s attention.

Do you have a buzz saw for a pet? Instead of Fido chewing on all the kids new toys give him one of our ‘tough ones’ toys. Double stitched and constructed with durable fabric these toys will last well into the New Year.

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Since it is Christmas; order your toys in a timely fashion. This is to insure we have stock and that shipping will not be a concern. Remember; let your dog share in the excitement of the day with any one of dozens of Christmas toys from Pampered Dog Gifts.

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