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Christmas Dog Collars - Holiday Collar Charms

Christmas Dog Collars & Charms

Your Holiday pictures will look great when your pooch is wearing one of these Christmas collars, such as our very popular Christmas Glitter Collar or if you really want to show some bling the Rhinestone Christmas Magic Collar is the perfect choice. If you just want to add some Holiday accents to your pets collar, check out the Christmas dog collar charms here. There are candy canes, Chrismas trees, Christmas stockings, wreaths and more.

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Crystal Candy Cane Collar Charm
Product ID : MIR-CandyCaneCharm
Christmas Wreath Dog Collar Charm
Product ID : MIR-ChristmasWreath
Santa Face Dog Collar Charm
Product ID : BG-santacharm
Small Christmas Tree Dog Collar Charm
Product ID : BG-SmallTree
Dog Head Out Of Stocking Christmas Charm
Product ID : BG-DogStocking
Dog With Floppy Ears Out Of Christmas Stocking Charm
Product ID : BG-DogFloppyEarStocking
Dog In Santa Hat Crystal Collar Charm
Product ID : BG-santadog
Holiday Scrunchy Dog Collar
Product ID : PE-DT4630
Lil Christmas Heart & Red Velvet Rhinestone Dog Collar
Product ID : RHN-ChristmasHeartRedVelvet
Christmas Lights and Cheer Rhinestone Collar
Product ID : RHN-ChristmasLightsCheer
Christmas Bells & Red Velvet Christmas Dog Collar
Product ID : RHN-XmasBellRedVelvet
Snowflakes In Blue Christmas Dog Collar
Product ID : RHN-SnowflakeInBlue
Merry In Blue Christmas Collar
Product ID : RHN-MerryInBlue
Naughty Nice Christmas Tree Collar
Product ID : RHN-NaughtyNice
Peppermint Red Velvet Christmas Dog Collar
Product ID : RHN-PeppermintVelvet
Christmas Angel Dog Collar
Product ID : RHN-christmasangel
Christmas Glow Collar
Product ID : RHN-christmasglow
Christmas Lights and Bells Collar
Product ID : RHN-chistmasbells
Christmas Magic Dog Collar
Product ID : RHN-christmasmagic
Red Christmas Baby Dog Collar
Product ID : RHN-christmasbaby