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Dog Bath Gift Sets - Dog Spa Products

Nothing is cuddlier than a freshly washed and dried puppy dog. Give your dog loving friends a Dog Bath and Spa Gift Set for their dog’s tubby time. Each of the spa sets comes with something unique and fun. Our Deluxe Spa Set comes with its own rubber ducky and a choice of Lavender or Peppermint/Tea Tree scents, to make bath time more relaxing and enjoyable for both dog and owner. The Bone Shaped Spa Basket also has a rubber duck along with a compilation of products from the Cain and Able Collection. Let your dog enjoy the shampoo and conditioner, between bath spritz, paw rub and gentle bath sponge all packed in a silver bone shaped spa basket.

Our top of the line and by far the most elegant spa gift is the Gorgeous Dog Gift Box. Loaded with Gorgeous Dog shampoos and washes it also includes a Gorgeous Dog candle and a fluffy cotton towel. All of this comes in a beautiful peach colored box with matching ribbon. Browse through our spa and bath gift sets for your pet and enjoy a great looking and smelling pal.

Dog Fashion Signature Gift Set for Her
Product ID : DFS-SignatureFemale
Dog Fashion Signature Gift Set for Him
Product ID : DFS-SignatureMale
Female Dog Gift Luxury Fragrance
Product ID : KD-DFSGIFT201
Male Dog Holiday Spa Gift
Product ID : KD-DFSGIFT203
Spa Day Dog Gift Set
Product ID : KD-DFSGIFT206
Yap Dog Fashion Dog Mom Bathrobe
Product ID : KD-YDFMom
Yap Dog Fashion Dog Towel
Product ID : KD-YDFtowel
Yap Dog Fashion Bathrobe
Product ID : KD-YDFRobe